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Battle of wills …blog begins !


          2016 is already on the roll and I’m late with my first ever blog entry ( part of new things to do in the new year). After surfing for all the great advice on how to set my blog , reading sample blogs , then many more interesting blogs and pumped on creative adrenaline, I take a break to think on the perfect topic to begin with (more to curse myself for this time consuming  project which actually is a personal diary going public) . Ok ! Deep breaths now .

       It’s  a battle of wills – heart wants the perfect start ,”if not today then tomorrow” ,  mind says “get it over with” and so begins my love affair with procrastination . Am so weak … Aargh! Today felt the wreaking effect of the spell  ( was typing weakening but I suppose it’s appropriate) . We are halfway through January, so overcoming  the writers blog block , fighting the temptation to binge watch tv  before manic Monday (actually multitasking now ) here I am – victorious I suppose as soon as I post this .

        It’s evening and I got distracted watching ‘ criminal minds ‘ on telly . Actually a pretty addictive show and the way they profile the criminals brings to mind the original profiler , Sherlock Holmes. Still remember the old series starring Jeremy Brett which inspired me to read the actual stories .Today I feel like picking them again thanks to  the rebooted version starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock in the 21 st century . Armed with cellphones and I suppose the almighty Google at your fingertips yet the man deduces using his powers of observation ( wish I had that skill because Google has turned my memory into a sieve). The writing is an absolute genius using familiar names from the series and putting a modern spin on it and making it riveting . Think the last one to come up with this kind was the movie Shrek.Fairy tales have never been so much fun and the writers deserve the loudest applause .

         To be fair , the TV / film medium is also responsible for me discovering old as well as new authors . Case in point the Divergent  series , Song of fire and ice series , reading The lightening  thief again to see that that the movie got it all wrong . Can’t wait for the next big thing to be picked . I heard 2016 will be the year of super heroes . Yay!

        Till next time . Ciao!



17 thoughts on “Battle of wills …blog begins !

  1. Finally got to hear you thinking:) The celluloid world has been, on and off, successful in retelling the stories as they should be…and Sherlock Holmes verifies this. ( yes, would give the credit to the actors) very well written, was smiling most of the time while reading:)

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  2. Loved it Sheetal. Mighty impressed with the flow of your language. Sherlock Holmes has always been my favourite detective. I haven’t watched the modern version but the older one is etched in my memory. Would prefer to live those golden memories though. Hats off to you. And continue to speaks your thoughts aloud. Cheers.

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    1. Thanks Anupama .Am on top of the world .The older Sherlock is a classic that perfectly embodied Arthur Conan Doyle’s vision .I remember being captivated by The speckled band , one of my favourite . Do give the new series a go as well . You just might be pleasantly surprised .


  3. Loved reading your first ever blog post and looking forward to many more. I’m with you on the procrastination bit, have been wanting to pen down my travel diaries for a while. Seems like the right time to take the plunge is now. Good for you on having done that and may you go from strength to strength.

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    1. Yes Mami . Feeling like the cat that swallowed the cream . Now am waiting with baited breath to dip into your travel diaries especially the one story ,in front of the Eiffel Tower ,when you were mobbed by the models? See how exciting the teaser sounds 🙂


  4. I’m wondering what all shows i’ve been missing till now..
    Great start to begin with the new year!! Im delighted to see u functioning through the blog..

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  5. Wonderful start Sheetal! Looking forward to more musings from you!
    So we all agree that the books are way better than their screen adaptations but i believe that if there is a book based on a movie/series (is there any ??) , the screen version may just be the better one!!

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    1. Thank you so much . Your words set me thinking …. Hmmmm…..screen adaptations better than their book form , I confess , did like Lord of the rings more and my teenage spirit soared with the drama of Gone with the wind . Now that is a topic for a whole new post 🙂


  6. Congratulations on the blog. Facing the same kind of dilemma you were talking about on this blog while writing this reply.May your each blog be like a Christopher Nolan’s movie each one better than the last.Eagerly waiting for the next one .

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  7. “O! modest mortal! Your destiny is the joy of watching the evershifting battle!”
    … by Ludwig Boltzmann
    Well, well… well done, well thought, well pitched, well elucidated and well, you did start, my dear. Cheers to that.
    Sherlock’s undigitized conquests were masterpieces with masterstrokes, those that enriched us in our teens and twenties. Agreeably, so were many others that empowered our figments and fabrications of the characters and plots, to suit individual psyches. In the last decade, I could kudize The Harry Potter onscreen series for pampering our wrung minds that seems to wage a ‘battle’ even for the mundane. Closer home, our own epics have been brought to life by the TV , which is now becoming cud and better off spat, than test our patience!
    Shall be hovering nearby, to spot your next … till then:
    “Little by little does the trick” … by Aesop.

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    1. Wow ! It’s been an absolute pleasure reading your comments and may I add , heartening as well . More so I’m chuffed to see my thoughts touching a cord and getting a response. I am a huge Potter fan as well ( the movies are brilliant) and J K Rowling is phenomenal because the lady has managed to serve a completely different dish with her Comoran strike series . Yes ! Will be adopting Aesop’s famous words as my personal motto to ensure that I don’t become ‘one post wonder ‘ . Thanks!


      1. Thanks, Sheetal. Mine seems to be the lucky 13th comment! So, hope the charm works wonders for you.. good luck!


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