The zodiac wellness pill.

Do I believe in fate?

In karma and just desserts but that doesn’t stop me from straining to read tiny columns of the daily horoscope in the newspapers. Chalk it to one of my guilty pleasures, like the instant noodles. It is quick, easy, and knowing it doesn’t do wonders for your health but horribly addictive and so much fun.

So, do I like my life to be unpredictable? To seriously live it as foretold by the stars, tarot cards or numerology for the day, week, year?As you can see I am not very particular.

Well, there is a definite spring in my step when I am urged to seek challenges. I am supposed to be invincible that day, thanks to Jupiter spinning favourably in my direction.

I consciously select my clothes to wear according to the lucky colour for the day. Although I admit, it is a pain rummaging for peach in a wardrobe dominated by reds, blues and greens. (Note to self, buy peach and not to be dazzled by the brilliant pink next time.)

I have made taxing decisions such as choosing the lucky raffle number which incidentally has to be the  same as the lucky number for the week. I still have to win my prize but I am not giving up.

Also may I add, the sun definitely shines brighter when foretold, my heart is free to reach higher levels of happiness and fulfilment. I am ready!

I guess it all began when a bunch of us in school laid hands on a miracle book that promised to unveil the mystery of minds and hearts. It professed to know us better than we did ourselves. We were hooked!

Linda Goodmen’s Sunsigns revolutionised our thinking, set aflame our imagination laying our very souls bare. Friendly, enthusiastic, fearless, achiever, speaks her mind, a big yes to all. That was so me. I admit a few minor misses but then the fun part- matching signs to find your soul mate. I regret that Tom Cruise never made the cut. I was crushed.

The silver lining to all this intensive research on sun signs was that it helped me to remember my friends’ birthdays. No Facebook reminders for me. Instead it is my witty Geminian friend, the unruffled Libran Rock in the midst of stormy seas, the passionate and mercurial Scorpio, the brilliant Capricornian, the Taurean charmer, my adventurous March buddy who sailed the seven seas and set base on distant shores (my inspiration). I think you get my point.

Any how, I keep the star sign in mind, the month and the date follow. Still, I haven’t had the heart to disable the Facebook birthday feed. My horoscope for the year has issued dire warnings that I may just be blocked on all social sites if I don’t make the effort to keep in touch.

That reminds me, today is Sunday and the supplement will carry the astro forecast in bold.

Can’t wait to see what the stars have in store for me. Cheers!


11 thoughts on “The zodiac wellness pill.

  1. Just amazingly written, the zodiac pill, especially when the battle of wills getting more intense with each passing year.Thankyou for the reminder that once we were all fearless and enthusiastic about more or less everything ….though feel sorry for Tom cruise 😩 and I hope the libran rock will always stand tall😀.Congratulations for Sheetalthinksaloud👍.


  2. Feel good daily predictions, if draped in peach, buoyed by Linda Goomen’s morale boosting indicators certainly add a spring in in walk…chucklesome all the way:) As for Tom Cruise, the fault, Brutus, is not in our in our stars…


  3. Ohoh! Mr. T.Cruise, do accept my regrets on a loss that’s been my precious gain. Relatable deeds served here, to relive and hold a realizational grin.
    And you, Ms. L. Goodman, do accept that you have naughtily drawn the teens and not-so-teens, into the soft folds of your stole to an irresistible satiation to get a wink of the one’s self and one’s future… that I see a repeat curiosity in my blooming dames.
    Sheetal, Saggy or not, the twang of your bow has sent your arrow to burst out into a lovely sparkle of thoughts. Very enjoyable.


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