Love and great expectations!

          Midnight  and it’s Valentines Day. Sleep is elusive; maybe it’s the weather to be blamed. It’s rained all day through and can still feel the damp chill piercing my body . I wriggle my frozen toes to feel them and wonder what the day has in store for me . For me there can be no greater thrill than the anticipation , to feel the power of possibilities. A friend once wrote on my slam book “in constant expectation of the unexpected ” . Didn’t get it then but now I wonder whether there is some truth to it .

         I remember the excitement in school for valentines -teddy bears, flowers,chocolates, cards , the whole nine yards.Well ,watched plenty of fairytale tale romances from the sidelines.Cinderella is the belle of the ball as she waltzes with the prince. To be desired and be the centre of attention, is intoxicating . So what if it’s only for a day and yes hope sprang eternal that a bit of fairy dust would rub off on me as well .

              Now a day celebration has turned into a week long one.Chocolate day , rose day , propose day , hug , kiss , promise, d-day and with that I can safely say I got the order mixed . Not to worry because I am sure next year we will once again be bombarded with its correct sequence via the newspapers ,the whatsapp messages or the younger members in the family. Talk about expectations .At the end it is love that rules our world and the telly screen. Maybe I’ll catch one of the flicks from the romantic movie marathon today.

         On second thought,it will be a rather tame celebration considering the card companies going berserk advertising how to express love , the newspapers covering innovative ways of broadcasting love across the country. How can I forget the extra pages in the said publications dedicated to messages of love .Yes! My romantic self has poured over them in the past in hope of finding an epistle addressed to self. The malls and the restaurants will probably be full with eager couples with or without the crazy valentine discounts on the table. I know my email account is already clogged with valentine gift offers from online portals and one even admonished me for not buying anything yet .  

         Demonstrating love is a big deal and from what I gather, a huge commercial business.The Classified are packed with gift cards and certificates from beauty salons and skin clinics for a radiant self.Think I also saw an advertisement from a dental clinic warning against kissing to avoid transferring germs and that in turn will prevent serious dental problems. While at it, visit them for check ups and queries. Very topical and practical indeed.

      So dental is it ? Aha ! Just realised it’s Sunday and the dental clinic will be closed .

4 thoughts on “Love and great expectations!

  1. Finally a nice editorial! Thank you for saving my sunday from the various mind numbing articles which one desires to stay away from but a glimpse here and there and you are hooked.

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    1. Woah Dhruv! That was a super quick comment and a pretty great one to boot ( I didn’t advertise this post so this is a valentine miracle ). Been overdosing on celebration of love articles since morning and they have literally displaced the world leaders and gravitational waves discovery from the front page . Such is the power of love …. Hip hip hurray !


  2. The Valentine’s is a serpentine ..that’s a month-length long and a world’s width wide and gorges on juveniles’ wishes and traverses through all ‘ages’. Beware of it unless you want to enjoy a ride on it. Alas! its always given me a miss, it fails to bubble up in me, maybe my ego has failed to humour it.
    Appreciate your ‘great expectations’ from ‘love’ did alter my ego , i think.


    1. I know what you mean but try as much , one can’t escape the season of love in this new age of connectivity .You get swept despite all your better intention of not letting ostentatious display of affections get to you . Sadly it is now reduced to a day but then let’s belt some love songs and watch mushy movies today and let love reign supreme in May .


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