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Chasing zombies!

I have zombies in my mind.

No, I am not a ‘Walking dead ‘ fan (stopped watching before I was hooked). Plus this supernatural creature is not easy on the eyes as compared to let’s say the swoon worthy vampire, Damon Salvatore aka Ian Somerhalder. It is just that lately zombies are all over popular news.

Recently came across a poster for a TV film ‘Dead 7‘ starring Backstreet Boys and Nsync (the boy bands of yesteryear) as zombie fighting cowboys. You read that right but I suppose if we could have the movie ‘Cowboys and Aliens‘ starring none other than James Bond  and Hans Solo (which was a crashing bore), why not this . 

Then last week read about a film ‘Pride  and Prejudice and Zombies’. I kid you not for that is the name. Talk about irresistible titles!

So I did what a person with internet does – you tube the trailer. Well the characters were in Victorian garb (presumably Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy and the rest ) exchanging serious dialogues and fighting a mean fight with the zombies. Read the comments at the bottom and found I was not the only confused but intrigued soul to stumble upon this gem . 

My favourite fare from Hollywood has to be ‘Zombieland‘, a handy dandy guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse. Much better than the one put out by the online store Amazon, which gives permission to use its software to create, I don’t know some survival gear.

It’s true! Google it!     

     Thanks to the movies and TV, we know it’s a possibility since its origin can be something as mundane as a bad batch of drugs with terrible side effects. Case in question-Resident Evil, I Zombie, I Am Legend and my favourite of them all, the Hindi flick ‘Go Goa Gone’. 

Apparently some good Samaritan has researched the best possible places one can take shelter from any such attack, depending on the kind which is stalking you, ranging from high towers (for the uncoordinated) to underground bunkers and even the Svalbard Seed Bank in Norway (they freeze while we wait I suppose).

Hold it!

Game of Thrones has its white  walkers (with steely blue eyes and bony bodies) and they thrive in cold so the last may not be the best idea.

Anyway, there is a whole wiki dedicated to the different kinds of zombies and I was flabbergasted to see that the list is long . Was highly entertaining and informative .

Saw one in the list that reminded me of myself .

Yup ! Need to break out of my zombie existence and start living the adventure called life right away .

7 thoughts on “Chasing zombies!

  1. I must say you should contact a newspaper and start your own weekly column. I would definitely say that they would be thrilled to take you.


  2. Informative for a weakling like me; haven’t got courage to watch horror genre, though ghostbusters is an exception, looking forward to its release in India. Will check all the links mentioned to get updated on undead. So my interest validates that your writing has a power to arouse a Zombie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Manjari for your morale boosting comment . Ghostbusters was a fantastic film and I religiously followed the cartoon version on telly too.Yes ! Can’t wait to see it in its new avatar .Will the revamped version live up to its old magic …. We wait and watch .


  3. Too much gore does become a little bore.
    Sorry Sheetal, not my cup of blood, sorry tea… Can’t say I enjoyed, but …
    Wow! do a full arm bow to you … on tasting some murk , that too with a smirk!!
    TV and movie zombies are enough to keep me off from savouring them at ‘The Google’s Haunt’.


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