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Who I am and why I’m here 

Who I am ? Hmmm …lets see ; from the house of Bravon, mother to dragons , breaker of logjams , I’m the queen of Wishful thinking . I finally nailed an  awesome introduction(thank you Game of Thrones ). In case you are wondering what brought about this existential crisis,well  this is my Day 1 assignment ( hence the title )for mastering the Fundamentals of Blogging . 

   Now for why am I here . I took to blogging as a challenge (chalk it to January and the New Year resolution )and honestly this was the closest I could get to being a published writer . My moniker of thinking aloud on  life and all that which makes me alive (that’s primarily books , music ,movies , travelling and sparkling conversation )was born. It began as a lark (I didn’t really care whether any one read or how I post )but there were a few who did read and leave their comments.Thank you ! You changed the trajectory of my attitude.

       Five posts later here I am ,the Jedi knight in training , battling the dark forces of lethargy and writers block and seeking to combat the phantom menace of absolutely no one reading my posts. So if you are reading ,”may the force be with  you .” Peace out !



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