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How YouTube made me read a book 

Mrs Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs screamed the lists – the best seller , the popular and special recommendation for me . Wow ! My brand new Kindle was going out of its way to promote it.Unusual and a catchy  name, a fitting book indeed to launch my e-book reader and it helped that there was a free sample available too . 

Yippee ! Free sample then . 

     I admit the free sample was nice but did not leave me with a feverish need to know what was in chapter two. Sorry Ransom! The premise was good, the reviews were good (Kindle reviews are almost like blog posts littered with spoilers and some very strong opinions) and I was instead inspired to go on a hunt for free books.That was the end or so I thought.

       I had no idea that a movie was in the offing and was surprised to see its trailer on the YouTube. Anyway the book sample was still fresh so I thought why not give it a go. Minutes later, I could not shake off the images it conjured of children with extraordinary abilities (think Heroes or X-Men in the countryside), hence the adjective peculiar, battling dastardly villains. 

Wow! Now that’s what trailers do. Intrigue you! Make you crave for more! 

I admit I ended seeing it more times than one and Tim Burton seems to have done a fabulous job. Well fabulous enough to make me go back and read the book. As for the trailer, seeing is believing. So what are you waiting for – watch!

       Now for the book, I am stuck since it is Book One of a trilogy (seriously, why have the writers stopped writing stand-alone books). Also now that I know the story, I understand the trailer better and as usual I see characters tampered with but I am optimistic that it will turn out fine. The author has given his blessings on his website so I will not quibble .

  Plus the haunting soundtrack used in the film makes it all better (New world by Disa is playing on a loop inside my head ). A fantastic way to discover new music.  

What do you say? 


8 thoughts on “How YouTube made me read a book 

  1. My first instinct was the check out on my kindle whether it could be downloaded for free! Yes, that bad is our craze for anything free. Kudos for inserting the trailer, it looks and sounds captivating. So Hollywood’s fascination for abnormal carries on! And we human beings, tired of our limited abilities, continue to crave for some magic!

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    1. My thoughts exactly Manjari and now with the film on the way , the book is gold . We may be waiting forever for the free version . On the other hand , 2016 was billed as the year of the super heroes … I say bring on the magic . I could do with some 🙂


  2. A pandora of peculiarities, must say. Most certainly an awaited saga. Can’t wait to see Jake’s ‘peculiabilities’. Sheetal, you have set my fingers on a restless tapping , with bated breath, by a swish of your blog-wand.
    Am yet to get my hands on the book…

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  3. Ah well…now that the video has caught my attention….thanks to the brilliance of Tim Burton or to the haunting score or the brilliant editing of the movie’s promos team…yes I too am joining the bandwagon to dig out the free version of the book…just like I did for the Game of Thrones…and yes …a little magic is something we all crave for….so bravo sheetalbraveon…

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