Breaking news!

The self imposed ban on the Internet,in the interest of clearing my exams with minimal drama, is over and it is good to be back . Believe me ,there were times when I weakened and gave into the siren’s call -I checked my phone!

I know for sure now that my Whatsapp status ‘busy’ was really taken seriously so no messages there . Tempted , I checked a few daily word prompts and whiled away many precious hours,mentally crafting the coolest blog posts ever. Since it was all done mentally, it’s all gone now . I did reach level 380 on my Bubble Witch 2 Saga (didn’t require net for that ), of which I am very proud now . Then, not so much !

So with the television and the net out of the way, it was left to the newspapers and the jungle drums to let me know that my planet Earth was abuzz with Brexit , India’s NSG bid, Copa America , Euro 2016,Udata Punjab , International Day for Yoga, IIT- JEE Mains ranking, cousin moving to another city, Amma turning 90….whew! Yes ! In spite of Facebook and Twitter doing a stellar job where breaking news is concerned, in our house newspapers are growing from strength to strength .

Like a camp bonfire , every morning without fail the young and the old of the tribe gather around the dining table staking claim to their favourite sections of the paper . We realised early that we are very territorial (absolutely no hovering over the shoulders ) and after a trying few weeks ,we now have three different publications making their way to our house. Yay!

So the seniors grab the local Hindi and loudly announce the traffic woes at Rajpur Road ,the power cuts in the area and the third uncle’s fourth daughter’s son in the news for the wrong reasons . The last one can be tricky for we love creating the family tree from the scratch and expect all in the audience to follow.Then there is a scramble for the one paper with the daily quick crossword . The need to be the first to pencil in the easy ones and feel like a brainiac for the rest of the day – awesome! Did I mention the colourful supplements too have a queue.

We do end up reading the headlines thrice (three papers) and have a hearty round table discussion on which paper covered it better. Although undoubtly, the advertisements in it are on the rise and the news at times is stale ( Twitter and telly to be blamed) but we love our broadsheets and the family ritual it has spawned.

Wasn’t there a prophecy that the newspapers will soon be a thing of the past? Definately not in this household. International, national or family news will be always breaking around the dining table in the morning here.

4 thoughts on “Breaking news!

  1. Fantastic! I’m still intrigued about your exams though. Your writings always bring a smile on my face, they are like Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s movies…if you have seen them, you will know:)


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