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I love books ! I have always loved them and honestly,my ambition growing up was to be either a librarian or work in a bookstore. Visiting a stranger’s home was never an ordeal for me as a child,for I would be immediately drawn to their bookshelves and be thrilled to lay my hands on a familiar Enid Blyton. My pulse would literally race if I chanced upon an interesting gem that I hadn’t read .

It didn’t matter whether the books were old ( in fact the older , the better ) and I was a snob when it came to the pages – nothing less than 300 for me. Mills and Boons , Louis L’Amour,Georgette Heyer,Agatha Christie,Astrix and Obelix , Commando comics , you name it for I devoured them all.

Well,I never got to work in a bookshop or a library but today any place with shelves,stacked with books- new,old,thick,thin,in any shape,font or writer, makes me happy . It’s home for me.

This epiphany was brought in response to the blogging course,Photography:Developing Your Eye l – photo challenge- “Home“.


4 thoughts on “Home / Photo challenge

  1. ‘Bookworm’ is a dying species. The speed with which the bookshops are vanishing, in ten years time there will be none left in your neighbourhood. There was a time when there used to be around 8-10 bookstores in Connaught Place, now I think there are two (correct me if I am wrong). Similarly, there was a time when I used to drive to Delhi from Haldwani just to be at the World Book Fair and pick up books; now I find it difficult to make it to the Lucknow Book Fair. Blessed are those who can still find time to read. I envy them. As for me, I am half-dead !

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