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Connect / Photo challenge

I was early at the railway station. A train was already there but it wasn’t mine. There is always a possibility that these connecting lifelines to our cities may be running late. I was on a journey to reconnect with family and friends. Either way, I had to be patient .

Around me, the platform wore a deserted look. A few fellow travellers rushed past, eagerly claiming the vacant benches, spreading their bags, their magazines, themselves, marking their territory.

We avoided eye contact. Instead, we buried ourselves in our hastily purchased glossy periodicals to pass time. Eyes skimming over the photographs, hands restlessly flicking the pages, already reaching for the phone .

Is there a signal or am I all alone here ?

Fingers swipe furiously between the many apps, waiting for someone to comment, connect on the other side. No such luck ! That’s when this photo happened.


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