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Treasure / Photo challenge

“It’s a treasure!”

Immediately I think of pirates burying gold doubloons in fancy chests, marking the spot with an X. Or how about the Famous Five from Enid Blyton books that routinely stumble on to secret passages and treasure maps to fabulous riches. Then there is the dashing Indiana Jones who can with a flick of his whip, foil any murderous trap and recover priceless artefact.

Yup! With inspiration such as these, I’d say unlucky me! I found my treasure many moons ago without any of the accompanying drama.

No diamonds and pearls (although I would happily welcome them), my treasure instead is a golden sweet concoction of an absolute delight that explodes on to the taste buds in a heady sugar rush. Yes! It is an innocuous looking toffee, bigger than the average, wrapped in ordinary butter paper that has to have its origins in the fantastic confectionery world of Harry Potter. You see, it’s magical!

Hudson 100%

Growing up, it had the unique distinction of sorting many sibling battles without any bloodshed. It had been successfully used in the past as a bribe to transfer distasteful chores and was a prized barter item. It still remains a firm favourite for satisfying the sweet tooth cravings that arises out of nowhere.

With its quaint name – Stick Jaws, it has tempted many adventurous souls to pop the whole thing at once and chomp on hard . Do the jaws stick together? Well, opinion differs but one thing remains unchanged – the loyalty this caramel fiesta commands. So much so, that now almost every bakery in town has its own variation , branding and packing, vehemently calling theirs the original and the best.

I say bring it on. Its win – win for me all the way!

Sparkle 100%


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