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To trek or not to trek ? That’s a ‘wild’ question.

      My adventurous weekend began with the movie ‘Wild’,starring Reese Witherspoon that I watched in two instalments. No particular reason except real life chores intrude quickly at home, irrespective of however much one is immersed in the trials and tribulations of the protagonist on screen .

     The story was quite straight forward and gripping. Reese hikes along the Pacific Crest Trail for more than three months (ALONE), physically pushing herself through desolate mountains and gorgeous green forests. It has rain, wild animals, stoves that didn’t work and a boot that accidentally falls off the side of the mountain. She tries falling asleep in the dark, especially when sleep is elusive; wide eyed and alert,battling lonely thoughts,figuring the course of her choices that prompted this gruelling challenge.

     Well this post is not a movie review and I don’t mind admitting that I loved the film. Yes! It also lead me on to do some serious introspection beginning with , could I take a break for three months from the family and work, with my trusty rucksack, hit a trail? Honestly, this could be my grand adventure ; the aspiring sporty person who dithers too much,for she errs on the side of caution. 

     So, do I have it in me to attempt such a hike without so much as a cell phone (our heroine doesn’t carry one). Invariably thoughts inspired by another movie take over. What if I need an emergency evacuation; James Franco had to saw his hand to save himself in the movie ‘127 hours’ while hiking alone. Then the important question, how safe is it for women to take off on lonely treks by themselves? I suppose that is a universal question traversing international boundaries. Reese too had her share of scare in the movie. One thing is for sure , we would definitely attract eyeballs. 

     Since I have yet to do any heavy duty trekking so I am not sure whether we have markers along our trails or resting spots to replenish supplies the way it’s shown in this particular film. That would actually be awesome. Still in India , one can always count on people living along the trail or not. Research and better planning is the way , rather the only way.

Now the ultimate make or break question for me – when the night falls,how bravely do I stand up to my hyper active imagination that conjures not just the Blair Witch hanging outside my tent but creepy crawlers inside the tent . Hmm …..Perhaps not,but I would still like to think, when the going gets tough , the tough gets going. I will be able to do it.

Until that time, I’ll be recommending ‘Wild’ to other trekking enthusiasts. Go! Be one with nature!

6 thoughts on “To trek or not to trek ? That’s a ‘wild’ question.

    1. It’s not the same reading or watching on screen – to feel the sunshine or the rain ,the tug on the shoulders , breathe the bracing air and drop into blissful sleep . Yes ! Me too !


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