Seeking a pop of colour / Photo challenge

Seek colour! Finally a challenge that should be easy enough . After all, I do have enough practice seeing the world through rose tinted glasses.

Right away the ordinary okra patch, currently resembling a mini Amazonian forest of green , made me look twice . It was like a super power granted to me. Yup ! That’s a pop of colour .


My newly acquired senses tingled . Did the house across the street suddenly take on an electric hue? Oh ! The things we do for a good looking photo . I twisted myself into angles, balance precariously on one foot, all to avoid curious passerby and ugly electric wires crisscrossing the frame ( a definite signpost that we live in an urban jungle, a tangled mess our vines weave).

I snapped quite a few and deleted many. One of the pleasures of digital photography – easy clicks and even easier binning without the heart ache of wasting a camera roll. On the flip side , one is stuck for indeterminate number of minutes that could stretch into hours, entranced with our smartphones.

” Are you playing Pokemon Go?”

” My game is called Poke it till it glows”, rapidly swiping through the camera filters.

Honestly, clicking an artistic photo without attracting attention is impossible .

So how does the eye see the beauty that the camera refuses to lovingly frame ? I realise now why it is called a challenge.


Perhaps a building from another era that stopped me in my tracks, does the trick.


How about when the night falls and all one expects to see is a shadowy silhouette, the moon takes you by surprise . That’s a flash light in the inky black sky!

Yes , I’m on the roll. To think it has only been a few days since I became mindful of what I was seeing and already I feel my sense of perceiving colours heightened.

The countryside is greener than ever and the advertisement pasted on the wall, for yet another sale, strikes me every time I pass. I blame its flaming orange background . In the distance , the skyline is rapidly dotting with bourgeoning shopping complexes, malls, luxury apartments, telephone towers but it does not distract me from chasing rainbows .


Yes, my world is definitely becoming brighter and colourful regardless of the grey monsoon sky.


2 thoughts on “Seeking a pop of colour / Photo challenge

    1. Ok stop ! I’m flattered . You are really on the roll with the comments and I’m overwhelmed . Thank you for boosting my spirits . It feels good to know my efforts have not come to nought.


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