Opening night at the Olympics.


The Olympics are here! In precisely two days, at 4.30 am IST, I hope to watch the opening ceremony along with billions across the globe on my telly. There is something to be said about sharing the excitement with the world , to be left awestruck by the colourful and breathtaking performances, to cheer for the countries as they stride into the stadium in their designer best and reserve the loudest hurrah for your nation. Yes ! Patriotism does peak during such events.

To tell you the truth, I absolutely adore opening ceremonies. In the past, the host nations have worked round the clock to ensure the opening night goes down in the Olympic history as one to remember. Four years ago , James Bond and the Queen skydived that put quite a spin on London dreams. Before that, I am sure the world was as gobsmacked as I, by the jaw dropping Chinese drills. Incidentally, that year the games began on 8.08.08 and the time was 8.08 pm, an ode to China’s obsession with lucky numbers .The things we do to curry Dame Fortune’s favours !

We could certainly do with some luck for our school’s Annual Day, a musical extravaganza, mounted on a mammoth scale. Unlike the games , it takes place every alternate year and this happens to be that year. Believe me , the pressure is tremendous to put an act that is exotic yet easy for the audience to comprehend, presentation that dazzles and execution which is flawless, yet keep the spotlight on the stars – the children!

So with the clock ticking relentlessly, I can imagine what the Rio organisers must be going through. The opening gala has to pack in a punch , the iconic moments in the nation’s history and culture be splashed in a grand and glitzy way and yet appeal to the current generation blessed with a short attention span. Whew ! Those are a lot of boxes to check.


It then all boils down to one fateful night when the verdict is passed . Do we earn the praise ,go out in a burst of loud applause to the refrain “We are the Champions ” or to gentle claps and understanding nods- government change , Zika virus , paucity of time , shortage of cash .

No! I’m sure opening night and Olympic Games will survive all that and more. It has always been a celebration of what we are capable of, be it in school or on the field . Let’s cheer,’Citius, Altius, Fortius’ ! We are ‘A New World’.

All images : Pixabay


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