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From bad to rad !


“Every hero needs a spectacular villain to be super”, so said the villain turned hero Megamind and I couldn’t agree more .

After all, Voldemort’s presence is palpable all across the seven years of Harry Potter’s life and for every Archie there is a Reggie Mantle ready to pull the rug from underneath his feet . Let’s face it , without Lex Luthor conspiring against Superman , his feats would be quite bland and dare I add , Tom Hiddleston’s Loki adds that devilish zing to the Avengers universe and it’s not just the Brit accent doing the trick .

Across the seas , the American elections have never been more conflicting and interesting . The question is, who is the real hero ? Either way the battle will be epic .

Closer home , a battle is fought almost every morning where yours truly is cast in ‘Maleficent’s role’, complete with wings and horns , to let out a villainous roar to rouse the slumbering Giants and send them packing away . Of course I never get to use my wings , they are purely ornamental .They would really come handy when I’m making a mad dash for work ,especially on a rainy day such as today . Seriously, morning school rush hour coupled with a downpour and the chaos the universe brings – unbelievable!

Anyhow ,coming back to the hero-villain debate, I realise these days a super villain can easily transform into a nation’s saviour, courtesy the press . I don’t think we have to look very far , maybe just back to the elections, doesn’t matter whether you pick national or international, or to the referendums or the latest Twitter wars or snapchat videos. Oops! Snapchats and Twitter may not be the perfect medium right now ; what say Taylor swift and Shobha De?


Ah! Give them time and I’m sure they will bounce back . Shobha expressed her opinion , she will definitely have more to say. My fellow blogger Manjrisharma has put a spirited defence on her behalf and it takes a brave person to do that, what with every one quick to fly off the handle. One can always debate (she makes a convincing case) or ignore. Respect the Right to Freedom of expression ! As for Taylor , another hit song in the making perhaps?

So for my transformation from ‘Maleficent’ to ‘Magnificent’, I will be taking a leaf out of our esteemed leaders playbook . I’ll definitely NOT take out full page advertisements in the dailies or the radio spots (Arvind Kejriwal and AAP do it so much better) nor will try to get maximum followers on the social network (I believe our government has set the bar) but instead use cleverly crafted posts and photos on my blog to …. Hang on ! I already have Facebook for that . Whew! Lucky escape little blog . Here we can be wicked.

Cheers !

Images : Pixabay

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