Look up !

Looking up is something I don’t often do , especially when I go for an evening walk .In the interest of personal safety, one has to be alert with regards to vehicular traffic as well as other walking enthusiasts who resist slacking their pace for anyone. Plus whipping out your phone while supposedly on a mission to dislodge the stubborn kilos is just not done.

I admit, at times I do loose focus and just amble along, drinking in the sights and sounds. Well,these photographs were snapped during one such evening walk in June.


The air was humid , the t-shirt clung to the skin and every now and then a stray breeze would nudge. That second, a cool shiver would run down the spine . The sidewalks dotted with the Amaltas trees were ablaze in a riot of yellow, gently swaying in the warm dusk. I stopped underneath one and then another. A quick click captured the memory,in that moment of looking up.


5 thoughts on “Look up !

  1. Lucky you, still having those Amaltas mesmerising you what with the monsoons readying for their act any time now! Your ambling took me too down the memory lanes, that are still a hue of bright ochres and burnt siennas in the many Springs, that have coloured many an year of my life.

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