All in a day’s work.


“I’m done . Get me out of here.”

Was the scream loud? The mouth remained curved, in a hint of a smile maybe.

Cool exterior. Breathe .

The eyes glanced furtively at the wall clock across the room, the seconds ticked furiously away. The glass top scarcely visible, piles of papers tucked under diary, pen stand, paper weights; the registers and folders scattered, pinning the other loose sheets . The fans whirled either with manic power or with no energy at all .

The mental list of ‘to do list’, longer now than what it was in the morning.

Check the substitute period , the exam paper, the prospective new teacher, watch the Kindergartens dance with glee.

The hot, greasy, snack on the plate picked apart but left uneaten. Did the coffee go cold? Not today. Slurped in 15 seconds flat.

People thronging the office- we want to talk , we want to discuss , we want to complain .

We demand your attention – see the display board , see the unruly child , see the one who shouldn’t have raised the voice, raised the hand, see the hurt, hear the rant .

We demand your time – see the dance , see the play , the costume , hear our problems, share our troubles, show empathy .

Give us an answer , the solution. Do something!

Aargh! That’s it!

Chalking today to just one of those days .

2 thoughts on “All in a day’s work.

  1. When does a job feel meaningful? Whenever it allows us to generate delight or reduce suffering in others. Though we are often taught to think of ourselves as inherently selfish, the longing to act meaningfully in our work seems just as stubborn a part of our make-up as our appetite for status or money. Alain Botton says it all ma’am.

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