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Ditch the cinders, Ella shine!

"Get your head out of the clouds Ella . This is your home. Time to roll up your sleeves and start taking care of it." "But this is not me! I have dreams and the world beckons me." "Ha ! You are not in a fairy tale. This is your life. To the kitchen and… Continue reading Ditch the cinders, Ella shine!

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A Shangri-la called Mindrolling Monastery

The story begins not so long ago when the Ancient One gave her word to the gangly knight. "If you can battle the horde of blue dragons and pass through the valley of poisonous fumes and make it to my lair, the path to Shangri-La, The Mindrolling Monastery with its magnificent treasures will be revealed… Continue reading A Shangri-la called Mindrolling Monastery