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The path less travelled.


This photo was taken during a mission to locate ‘Rani ka Talaab’ (the queen’s pool) listed by a travel website as a must see place in Ambala Cantt (the same sleepy town where I went Ravana hopping). The details were woefully scant but I was intrigued as it supposedly existed slap bang in the middle of the town and I hadn’t noticed it.

The family of course dismissed it as a nondescript place (or so they heard), not worthy of an effort. Hence, I was on my own, in the guise of my morning walk, to see it for myself. A tiny sign pointed the way to a Shiv Temple, mind you, no pool, but I took a chance. It was a path I was determined to follow although I was already doubting for not only was it deserted (my hyperactive imagination conjuring up thugs to waylay innocent morning walkers) but in the absence of directions , I felt quite foolish trying to prove a point.

So did I walk to the end ? You bet for just beyond the mist (and it was literally right there around the bend), a Shiv temple stood at the edge of the elusive Rani ka Talaab . I was so ecstatic that of course I never bothered reading the board helpfully placed explaining the story behind the pool. I instead focused my attention on the mighty lord Shiva, seeking his blessings on this fortuitous day (it was Dusshera ).

Returning, my steps were lighter, the feeling of accomplishment does put a spring and the misty path cleared to become, sunnier I suppose.


Clicked this one on my way back. I loved the way the yellow accents lit the scene. My point of view had changed.

Since this post was inspired by the WordPress photo challenge path to describe the journey I’ve taken in 2016, figuratively speaking it has literally mirrored the above one.

My challenge to begin a blog and post every month was shrouded in mists of uncertainty and doubts. The goal was difficult but I did it and the journey was no less a joyous discovery. I actually enjoy writing and I’m an ok photographer too. Also nothing beats the feeling to know that there are people who like my ramblings.

My path through the year did not always run smooth. There were many sleepless nights and stressful days at the academic, professional , personal front. Many I’ll chalk as a win but the others are work in progress . The fear of failure is instilled deep and so I push myself hard . Maybe I need to push harder in ’17 or maybe just change my point of view . Regardless, the goal is to enjoy the journey.

Finally this is the photograph from a distance of the Rani ka Talaab – the quest that got me walking on the ‘road less travelled’. No retreat, no surrender worked in my favour.



4 thoughts on “The path less travelled.

  1. I lived in Ambala, like forever, never saw it, maybe in those youthful days priorities were different, no interest in finding a private bath of someone from the gone era… thanks for the wonderful pictures. The world is ours, how much of it we embrace, depends on how far we can stretch our arms, keep going in 2017 and take all the roads…you never know which one might lead to more discoveries!

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