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Virtually yours, JARVIS.


Jarvis is here, in the real world, in the house of one Mark Zuckerberg!

For the uninitiated, JARVIS or Just A Rather Very Intelligent System is a voice activated kickass virtual assistant designed by Tony Stark aka Iron Man from the Marvel universe (Yes! A comic book, now a Hollywood money spinner is the inspiration, the muse).

In the movies, it seamlessly ran Tony Stark’s household, helped him create his tin suits. Subsequently in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it virtually saved mankind from another one of Stark’s invention, Ultron. Pretty cool for an assistant without a physical form.

Jarvis would have remained just a movie character but when Mark Zuckerberg decided to recreate it as a part of his 2016 resolution, it became huge. Also while we are talking of challenges, Mark’s new year resolutions are not just fantastic but varied too- running 365 miles in a year, reading two books every week, learning to speak Mandarin. That is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m in awe.

Cut to the news article that sent the family into a tizzy- another Zuckerberg resolution complete; Jarvis is alive!

We needed to know more .

It was Siri to the rescue!


Simultaneously across the room, Cortana too was summoned. The jury is still out on who is a better assistant, Siri or Cortana. The lanky one in the family adores the latter; apparently she is very witty and has all the answers.

Hmm… maybe artificial intelligence is already invading our lives while we wait for the drum rolls and dazzling firework announcement.

Anyway coming back to the AI butler, it is also a voice based system that recognises the family members and takes care of all their dishwashing, curtain closing and other daily chores and needs. Most importantly, Mark’s Jarvis comes with a voice voiced by Morgan Freeman himself.

While I was still trying to learn more about all the nifty things it could do, I discovered Amazon’s neat voice recognition AI system is already on sale.

From the photographs, it looks like an ordinary small speaker called Echo, powered by Alexa (Amazon’s cloud based virtual assistant). It needs the command, “Wake Alexa” and there after it is for you to command. It operates household devices, makes shopping lists, a to do list, select music and play, even tell jokes.

Again, no robot, only magic words to get things done.

Wow! Now I never have to get out of bed ever. Maybe just to eat food and earn enough to buy this and other smart home gadgets that can be controlled by the almighty AI butlers.

The race for the title of the greatest virtual assistant is on and I am ready.

Hold on! What if all these smart gadgets make us love them more, maybe more than the living beings we surround ourselves with. Let’s face it, they can tell jokes too.


Alright, reframing the question. Will AI replace human connections in the future?

It may if you believe the movie ‘Her’. No spoilers but it left me disturbed and sad. Quite like another news item that caught my eye. This is happening in the present.

The intrepid Japanese have created a holographic companion, a girl who looks straight out of a Manga called Azuma Hikari. She is quite like a Star Wars Princess Leia kind of hologram encased in a small 50 cm glass tube. She speaks as well as sends loving texts on the phone, like a proper person (if you can overlook the fact that the person is a holograph enclosed in a small tube). It is aimed at the lonely souls who miss human relationship but do not have the time to invest in one.

We do live in interesting times.
We lived through the Space odyssey that spoke of 2001 and the Back to the Future’s, 2015. I suppose the future is already here.

Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, Knight Rider’s smart talking crime fighting car Kit, James Bond’s crimefighting/ lifesaving gadgets, Star Trek’s scanners and ‘Beam me Scotty’ teleportation, are a reality or will be.
I have heard so much about the Oculus Rift and can’t wait to experience the VR world. Counting it to be as immersive as the movie Matrix leads me to understand. I’ll settle for the same immersive experience of reading an amazing book.

As my fellow blogger Manjris says, “The world is ours, how much we embrace depends on how far we stretch our arms.

2017 will be my year of discovery and wonder.

Finally to wind up this rather rambling post, sharing some moments that I remember leaving me wonderstruck. None of them are tech related but they were clicked by an amazing gizmo called the iPhone .


Sparkle 100%




Here’s to blogging my wonder junkie moments.


10 thoughts on “Virtually yours, JARVIS.

  1. Thanks for introducing Jarvis, finally we have a man to assist us, which makes the feminist in me happy. A very informative piece, covering from robots to resolutions and quote? Sounds good in your blog!


    1. The optimist me says that things will get better and the future is exciting . We are lucky to be alive to experience it . So I say bring on the robots , the paperless transactions, better governance at home , in school , in the country and world and finally more Sherlock . Happy 2017 Manjari!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A really interesting post. I wasn’t sure how the photos beneath really related but I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the new developments in the world of tech.
    I’ll admit, computers and I have a rocky relationship and I’m half convinced that I’ll be the first to die if a robot revolution comes around, but technology is fascinating and it’s impressive how quickly things evolve.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you carol for taking the time to comment. I’m not one of the most tech savvy person but it’s exciting to be around when all these developments are taking place around the world . Yes ! Just reading about them was astonishing enough. Therefore begun my 2017 by blogging of my wonder struck moment.
      The photos beneath were of all those other times when I was left awestruck and unfortunately none of them had anything to do with gizmos with exception of my phone camera clicking them .Does that count?
      Happy reading and of course more writing in the new year . Cheers !


  3. Well I love my gadgets and the boy toys et all…. But JARVIS doing the thinking for me…. errrr… Call me old school but here I prefer to be Will Smith in AI…. Although I love the idea of KIT and all that teleportation shingding… But JARVIS taking over my life…. Naaah…. but interesting read all the same… And some very nice clicks in d end… Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting developments although I’m not too sure whether the AI assistants, our exoskeletons taking on more jobs will free our time to do something more important, be more productive. There is a possibility we may end up like the humans aboard the ship Axiom in the movie WALL-E . Anyway the AI assistants are experiencing a boom and I’m excited to be around to witness it all. The future is already here.


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