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Happy No 1 and now let’s count detectives.


Today I celebrate my first blogging anniversary – 366 days ago I unleashed my thoughts via this blog into the world, without a clue how long would I last.

Well, I survived and I thrived.

Hence this very special post to commemorate this amazing milestone.

Thank you WordPress.
You also dispatched this cool achievement badge as a reminder to that fateful moment.


It’s been a full circle from the time of my first post to now. Honestly, I’m chuffed and quite proud too. That’s a pat on the back for religiously posting every month and learning neat blogging tricks along the way.

That’s not all I had been up to. I also uncovered a whole new universe (or is it blogosphere) to explore, one that talks of Picasso and chefs in the same breath to faraway lands (learnt to say Kawaii, that’s Japanese for cute). I discovered my guilty pleasure – lists! (Bucket list, check list, the most terrifying creatures in the universe list …it keeps getting better). From nuggets of wisdom to humorous observations packed in everyday tales and exquisite photographs that stopped me in my tracks, I was hooked.

No wonder my book reading has been seriously replaced with blog reading.

Not that I’m complaining but it made me realise that I have stacks and yet little inclination to read; zero thoughts on my first love – books. I know awful, right?

To rectify that I’ve downloaded a few classics I had read in school, the ones I hated, just to see whether I change my mind now (so that’s another thing to blog about later). I also got around picking unread novels (yes, unfortunately more than one)from the bookcase.

Bear with me, the good stuff is coming.

I picked a murder mystery as my first choice, one can’t go wrong with that.


That got me thinking …where are the great detectives of yore? Even the movies have given way to action and romances but no real murder mysteries. Where are our colourful detectives and their equally indispensable sidekick, hot on trail, picking clues and leading us into a merry dance. Mercifully Tv still has a handful kicking around.

That got me cracking on my list – going for five literary detectives (that I can think of now) with a unique personality that makes a whodunnit with countless red herrings so much fun.

5. Inspector Singh :


Inspector Singh investigates:A Most peculiar Malaysian Murder by Shamini Flintwas the murder mystery I chose from my ‘to be read’ pile after reading its first one, ‘The Singapore School of Villainy’.

Full marks for the arresting titles and for making the titular character a portly turbaned Sikh Inspector working in the Singapore police department. He is beyond caring for his appearances but for his sparkling white sneakers (comfort trumps office regulations). Needless to say, his superiors are eagerly waiting for him to either resign or be sacked and therefore the only cases he gets are the ones no one wants. Luckily he is good because the cases can be very boring.

4. Miss Marple :


Agatha Christie hit a winner with this one. Old harmless lady, gossiping, knitting but with a razor sharp mind. Many have underestimated her especially when she rambles about how the sinister happening reminded her of a similar incident in her small village of St Mary Mead; pay heed, the culprit is about to be unmasked.

3. Hercules Poirot :


Hats off to another genius invention of Agatha Christie( Murder in the Orient Expresswas unbelievable) and I loved the Tv series too. The actor who played Hercules was spot on as the tiny Belgian detective, fastidious about his clothes, with pointy moustache, delicate constitution and such fine little grey cells.

2. Cormoran Strike :


I’m in awe of JK Rowling’s writing prowess. She wrote Harry Potter and then as Robert Galbraith created Cormoran Strike – an angst laden war veteran who also happens to be a rock star’s illegitimate son, dealing with a bad breakup and cash flow issues. Yet that doesn’t stop him from being tenacious in his approach to solving crime. I enjoyed The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm was even better. I’ve yet to read the third but going by the previous ones, I’m sure it must be good.

Seriously, these books are nothing like Rowling’s previous outings, Harry Potter or even Casual Vacancy. No wonder folks couldn’t connect this detective series with her, if it hadn’t been for a careless tweet that inadvertently leaked the secret. Now that could be a cool plot line for a bestseller.

1. Sherlock Holmes :


Do I need to say anymore? Arguably the greatest ever detective, a template for countless other detectives in films ,Tv ( House for one) and books, never ceases to amaze in whatever avatar he is in .

Presently the BBC Sherlock is on air and has literally driven me back to the books to discover how the new adaptation has used the previous material . Very well I must say. The writers have pulled all stops to weave it in such a thrilling way and the banter between the characters is the hook that keeps you hooked . I know this is turning to be more of a TV series gush but then I wouldn’t have joined the legion of fans of a certain Mr Cumberbatch if it hadn’t been for Sherlock . Got to give it to the actors for bringing the characters to life in the best possible way.

Well, that wraps up the list for now.

It’s been a good year.

Onwards Year 2, game on!


14 thoughts on “Happy No 1 and now let’s count detectives.

    1. What a happy coincidence … congrats and great going . Here’s to exciting discoveries, many posts and milestones. Grab your copy of Agatha Christie for she is known as ‘the queen of crime’ so you can’t go wrong with that. It was a staple diet while was in school so I have always been fond of it . Actually I’m quite inspired to reread them myself as I write this down . Happy reading !

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Congratulations Sheetal for successfully completing a year. Love reading your blogs. Your narrations are enriching and creates a real life scene infront. Not only your blogs are interesting to read it takes me to different zone altogether. Am not an avid reader though. But after reading your blogs am seriously thinking of taking up reading. Though I mostly read blogs. Keep writing! Keep shining!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sudeshna I am overwhelmed by your comments ( believe me I’m doing a happy jig now) . I had no idea that you were reading my posts and so your compliment comes as a bolt from the blue. It makes all those hours hitting the keyboard, wrestling with my thoughts , fighting my inner critic , absolutely worthwhile. Thank you for sending me on cloud nine . You made my blogiversary memorable.


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