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The strange case of General Procrastinator and Major Perfectionist.

Precious Me was a perfectly ordinary person leading a perfectly normal life. Her days were mostly spent in a fixed routine, divided (not very well) between family, work and sleep.

You see, Precious Me was always on the edge thanks to her Ms Perfectionist and Ms Procrastinator persona at loggerheads. Things were under control for the former held a greater sway and ensured all her chores and project were completed with a degree of excellence. Yes ! Major Perfectionist ruled although sneaky Ms Procrastinator was always around to disrupt the flow state.


So Precious Me did what perfectly normal people do – multitask (with perfection of course).

So while running the washing machine, stirring the pot, taking the dog for a walk, or tackling the work sheets, her mind would wonder over typical mundane stuff…the genius of Ed Sheeran’s Mathematical albums, the loud campaign jingles for the state election, the theme for the morning assembly, what on earth to prepare for breakfast next day, will she ever see the Loch Ness monster?

Then she would be rudely brought back to the present with a jarring thought- where is the phone/ the cupboard key/ the green folder/ the shiny fork/ the TV remote/ the blue pen/ the saucepan … The list was endless for it could be any or all on a given day.


A search frenzy would ensue; hands would be wrung in despair, additional family members/ co workers deployed in the search party, the room tossed, footsteps retraced till the elusive object was found.

Precious Me finally had to take a stand, when the perils of multitasking LITERALLY hit her on the head (actually the dog swept her off her feet while she was still attached to the leash mindfully checking her phone messages).

That was it!

No more reading the antics of a Soul Screamer (that’s a banshee and a whole lot of new lore to assimilate) while boiling the milk, no writing blog posts and watching Harvey Spectre in a verbal duel in the latest episode of Suits (he crushes it every time) and definitely not working on a ‘to do list’ while simultaneously clearing the desk of every scrap of paper.

Great news! Living in the moment worked incredibly well.

Now if she was catching up on the recorded episodes of Homeland, it was watched with utmost diligence (I believe it’s called binge watching) and reading a few chapters escalated to finishing the best seller irrespective of the clock announcing meal times or sleep. Even checking social media meant going over all its feed with a fine-tooth comb.

The happiness quotient increased because the heart got what the heart wants.

So there she was, happily bubbling along when it dawned …

Crumbs !


The question papers had to be ready yesterday. The applications had to be sorted last week . The x ray had to be collected last month.

She was so dead !

General Procrastinator had outranked Major Perfectionist and sneakily assumed more power.

Precious Me swung from emotions of extreme confidence in meeting deadlines and standards (it’s just five minutes work- compiling stuff, highlighting the heading in a VIBGYOR colour pattern, whipping a tricolour sandwich) to ‘this cannot be happening’ despair of ‘failure is not an option’ and a race against time.


It was an all out war with the more hardworking Major Perfectionist pulling all stops (that means forgoing tea breaks and rest). Then there was the more experienced General Procrastinator who was awfully good with strategy (just a quick round of Candy Crush to recharge or how about checking out the Wimpy Kid which is basically a comic strip).

I wish there was a neat little end to Precious Me’s story but there isn’t. This strange case is lumbering on even today.

The silver lining is that it’s quite inspirational.

Well, it inspired this February post (any resemblance to The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is purely coincidental, including the title). It may have also inspired the experts to come up with a cool acronym, #Yolo – You only live once.

I’ve come up with #Wbw – Wait but why which also happens to be the name of an impressive site run by Tim Urban. Do check it out and for starters, this one is the most entertaining, relatable, very true, absolutely awesome post
Bonus – it’s even got stick figure comics that are very cool.

Meanwhile I’m rooting for being umm, Pro…Per…Passionate!

All images used here : Pixabay.

6 thoughts on “The strange case of General Procrastinator and Major Perfectionist.

  1. Is it possible to have procrastinators and perfectionists side by side or is this too preposterous an idea? Well, just as you have suggested…let passion rule and the rest can wait.. without explaining any whys.
    The images speak volumes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your feedback as usual is spot on. There is nothing preposterous about it… Procrastinator is the yin to perfectionist yang and there is no getting away from either . Thank you Manjari for also introducing me to the fabulous ‘wait but why’. Who knew procrastination could lead to such a successful TED talk . Here’s to success… may they keep coming!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The quintessential multitasker is constantly on the edge of perfecting the task and won’t mind procrastinate some of them too;)
    Loved your #Wbw….Would like to add #FYH
    “Follow your heart” and it’s okay few things may fall in to place and few may not, but what the heck and whom to prove☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes ! More power to the #FYH Dynamic Duo ( the Dreamers and the Doers) . Now if only Father Time would cooperate … in the wise words of Calvin ( and Hobbes) ,”there’s never enough time to do all the nothing you ever want .”


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