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Ola! Apps the way to go.

Travelling certainly has changed dramatically over the years. Walk into my home town and the first thing you see hogging the roads are the widely popular public transport. Actually it is more of a race between the dirt cheap blue devils called tempos and Vikrams against the madly driven Harry Potter kind of local buses;… Continue reading Ola! Apps the way to go.


Fortnight Friday Fables #4; Master Villain’s Wonderous Weapon

I am in the middle of my annual break and like the fable favourite grasshopper, singing and dancing my summer away. This is the time I also promised myself to take on writing challenges. Just when I thought the singing and dancing was taking a toll on my creative juices and I'd rather sleep, this… Continue reading Fortnight Friday Fables #4; Master Villain’s Wonderous Weapon

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Et tu, Baahubali 2 fan? Via giphy So I went and saw the best grossing film of all time, the mega blockbuster that inspired a million memes and WhatsApp humour. It made warrior kings and proud queens, spectacular sword fights, charging horses, battle strategies and ingenious aerial diving without the Angry Birds really cool again. Forgive me if I… Continue reading Et tu, Baahubali 2 fan?