Fortnight Friday Fables #4; Master Villain’s Wonderous Weapon

I am in the middle of my annual break and like the fable favourite grasshopper, singing and dancing my summer away. This is the time I also promised myself to take on writing challenges. Just when I thought the singing and dancing was taking a toll on my creative juices and I’d rather sleep, this particular challenge came along. It is my first stab at actively working on a photo interpretation.

Presenting the interesting reinvention of a fable, a brainchild of my namesake Sheetal at It combines photo prompt with humorous writing under 200 words, preferably one with a lesson to round it of.

So coming up, one fresh fable to tickle your tastebuds…

Careful now, are you sure this is what you wished for?


Master Villain’s Wondrous Weapon

“I want that sharp axe Lady Fairy.”

“I’m curious, why?”

“Because I’m Master Villain, a great villain has to have a fearful weapon of distraction…I mean destruction.”

“Master Villain, this weapon will not be a fearful weapon of distraction or destruction. May I suggest a WMD instead ?”

WMD? Weapon of Mass Destruction?
“I wish for WMDs in my castle – small but many.”


Master Villain could not contain his joy. Lady Fairy was indeed wise; she granted him an improved wish.

He excitedly opened the front door; his eyes widening in anticipation and then horror.

“OH NO!”

The velvet cushions were ripped, the brocade curtain ends hung in tatters, smashed pieces of china and crystal lay scattered around.

“Is that POO on my Turkish rug?”

Hopping over his chewed bunny slippers, averting his eyes from the scratches on the beautifully varnished bedroom door, Master Villain flung it open.

Asleep on his bed were furry creatures; small and many.

On close inspection, all turned out to be White Male Dogs AKA WMDs.

Master Villain’s wish for Weapon of Mass Destruction came true.

Moral of the story – Be careful what you wish for.

Word count:197
Photo credit: Pinterest


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