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 Five times when 2Cellos left one fan thunderstruck. 

Ok! I need to say this – I’m utterly obsessed with the two cello wielding musicians from Croatia called 2Cellos.

I mean that’s the only explanation for actually standing close to an hour, headphones wrapped around my ears, scrolling down their videos, watching each till the very end, without fidgeting or fast forwarding at all. Whew! Trust me in these times of low attention span and digital distractions, it’s a big thing.

2Cellos… what do I say. Their videos are spectacular and the musicians are a delight to watch. Their resemblance to Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural is uncanny; blame the hair. Yet at the heart of it all is their soaring music that is a sensory extravaganza, an awakening of the soul.

I know it sounds very poetic or shall we say over the top but hearing is believing. I had a tough time selecting the music tracks for this post. So here are five of their popular ones that made it to my list; may they whet your appetite for more.

1) Thunderstruck

Yup! That’s the one that got me hooked and going by the views on the YouTube, plenty of other folks too. The video set me up for a classical concert complete with powdered wigs and ladies in the audience with tiny fluttering fans. The music starts slow, all soft and easy. Gently it shifts gear, the tempo picks up and there is an urgency, a gathering of storm. Then all hell breaks loose and I mean it literally.

Ready to face the tempest?

2) Shape of my heart

Doesn’t it sound as though it was Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you cover? I did and was so wrong. Surprisingly I had not heard the Sting original so the music immediately entranced me. The melody was hauntingly beautiful and I kept going back, over and over again.

The magic of strings, sigh!

3) We found love- Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

The biggest reason for checking out this track was it had been viewed more than a million times on the YouTube. For me the euphoria over the original song was long ago dead and now it was just curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised by their interpretation, the live concert setting was the icing on the cake. People would say it was even better than the original.

Give it a hear.

4) Celloverse

I kept skipping this particular track while going through the playlist till the K-Pop Princess nonchalantly let it slip, “Celloverse rules.” That was enough for me, I couldn’t ignore it any longer. How can I forget that she was responsible for introducing me to the dynamic, head banging rockers in the first place.

The rest is history. It’s on the list.

5) Mombasa from Inception

What do I expect from the background score of a Christopher Nolan film?

Incredible music pulsating with passion that offers an out of body experience. 

Too much ?

Well, I did save the best for the last .

So what do you think of it?

I for one was amazed to discover the versatility of a cello to create such astonishing music.

So do you have any favourite tracks or musicians? Spread the music magic, let me know in the comments.

“If music be the food of love, play on.”

Shakespeare couldn’t have said it better. 

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10 thoughts on “ Five times when 2Cellos left one fan thunderstruck. 

  1. I very much enjoy posts about music. I have created a number of music posts myself.

    Thanks for introducing me to 2Cellos. I had never heard of them, but am fairly knowledgeable about classical music. My favorite of the five pieces you posted was “Shape of my Heart”.

    It was funny. In the first video, the shocked reactions of the audience in period costume reminded me of how the audience probably reacted to Beethoven’s Grosse Fuge when first played. I assume you know the Grosse Fuge from Beethoven’s string quartet op. 133? I posted a video of that along with a story of my own reaction when I saw it recently. I’ve heard it many times on CD, but watching it in person is an amazing experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m a novice where western classical music is concerned but I’m learning. I suppose the beauty of music is that it can touch a chord in one irrespective of the training he/she may have received (although I’m sure training does ease the path). I’ll be definitely checking out your post as well on Beethoven, for now I’m truly intrigued.
      Thank you for not just checking out my post but really engaging with such thoughtful comments. This has been an amazing connection indeed.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, sheetalbravon!

        One need not be a music expert to feel and appreciate good music of all kinds. I do have a deep love for western classical music, but also jazz, rock and roll, and other types, as well.

        If you are interested in my Beethoven post, just use the search feature and look up “Beethoven’s flight of ideas”. Know that I have bipolar disorder, and some people say Beethoven did, too. I sort of discuss that briefly in the post. A Grosse Fuge video is included.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I did Brenda! This was the first time I heard of George Gao or an erhu and ended up researching both of them . The theme as it is a beautiful composition but to hear it played on a traditional Chinese instrument was a treat. Another musician’s work to explore. Thanks and also for stopping by my blog and connecting. Have a great day.


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