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A peek into a Nature festival in the hills

“Rajpur is a charming hamlet by day but a ghostly one at night. Why on earth do you want to go to a nature festival organised there? Its hairpin turns and narrow lanes are mind boggling to navigate in the dark.”

Well, that meant I had to egg my family harder to join me in my quest.

I’m glad we went there.

Though black was the night…

…reconnected with my pahari roots repacked in a colourful and inviting avatar . 

…walked in its afterglow.

…buried my hands in the warmth of the hand knitted woollens,

smelt the fragrance of strawberry and coffee in handmade balms and soaps,

savoured the tang of homemade pickles and chutneys,

rummaged for pounded spices packed with pretty little bows.

…sat under the starry sky, watched the breeze playfully tug the hanging pinwheels and kites. 

It was blissful how time went  by.

Also did I mention there was food and a live band too.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

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