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Robber’s Cave Transformed!

Robber’s Cave, locals call it ‘Guchhupani‘, totally lived up to the drama its name conjured up.

The old timers spun tales of deep underground caverns and tunnels that crisscrossed the city, many were used by the robbers of yore as shortcuts, escape routes and hideaways to stash away their loot. Folks still insist that much of the treasure was around, waiting to see the light of the day.

Now that is the kind of news that would properly wake this town up.

So time for a checklist:

1) awesome origin story (had to be with a name like that)

2) mountainside

3) caves

4) water

5) entrance via water

The air was cool and the sunlight filtered through the cracks that slowly gave way to the deepening shadows.

Yes! Time to get one’s feet wet literally.

That’s the path we had to follow.

Walking through icy waters

Walking against the flow, in the icy stream and to keep a non waterproof phone camera clicking, a major feat.

The things we do for a thrill!

Water seeped through the walls, making fantastic patterns on the surface as though it was melting in front of our very eyes.

Perfect example of water erosion and do you see the layers in the sedimentary rocks? (The teacher within just refuses to shut up)

Incessant chatter, nervous laughter, excitable cry, all echoed through the passage till a roaring sound of water falling at a distance silenced all.

There was a cave in. A few boulders had fallen creating a ledge over which the water gushed furiously, emptying into a dark green pool.

That was it, the end of the road to see the tunnels and the caves, a cue to head back.

Yet there was another element of transformation that ensured the visit didn’t turn out to be a damp squib.

Behold the enterprising locals!

Environment friendly lockers to stash your valuables so that you take a carefree walk.

Order food with a view .

For delicate soles:

Slippers for hire- Rupees ten only.

That’s how you transform a thrilling visit into a happy one with convenience and comfort thrown in.

Absolutely ingenious!

WPC: Transformation

11 thoughts on “Robber’s Cave Transformed!

  1. That’s a fantastic looking place and I love the photos. I’ve always liked the idea of showing things emerging from the shadows which you have done here in a few of the photos – love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fantastic place! Where’s this? Beautiful captures and your elicit writing makes this piece worth. Keep exploring and keep sharing beautiful stuffs.

    Liked by 1 person

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