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Turning Two and Forty Two

My blog turned two early this year and I missed the notification completely, my head was in the clouds.

My strategy, from telling myself that I’d publish every fortnight to publishing multiple times a month (wasn’t going to argue with the muses whenever they decided to make their presence felt), I finally settled for at least a post each month.

Presently I have been at war with self to buckle in and write while it’s still January 2018, hyperventilating like the Rabbit in Alice’s Wonderland muttering, “I’m Late!”

Alright, moving on, this is my commemorative post, a celebratory moment celebrating my Second Blog Anniversary.


So my tardiness reminded me of a fabulous post that I discovered a year ago, when I was hyper excited about my Year One blogging milestone. The post also came with a specially designed award by the same talented blogger, Mike Senczyszak, The Blogging Survivalist Award. Seriously folks, do check out the post, I guarantee you laughter and food for thought.

Oh ! As for the award, it is for all of us, the blogging heroes on a quest to meet expectations and deadlines, battling lethargy, thoughts- foggy, crystal or twisted, the daily routine of work, cook, clean and socialise in the real world while simultaneously not letting our blogging goals wither and die.

Ha! Then I had smiled a smug smile. A year ago I was like all those people very much in love with their newly minted blogs, confident in their devotion, believing that this love is forever.

Where was the question of survival!

Well here I am, a year later, definitely wiser.

It’s true! My love doth wax and wane for you dear blog and Mike if I’m able to publish this post before February draws nigh, I promise to give myself ‘drum rolls please’… The Blogging Survivalist Award !

Now for my quote of the day that I had been waiting to say for a really long time,

I’m 42 and I finally know the Answer to the Ultimate question of Life, Universe and Everything.”

Ok! That is my other important milestone, I turned forty two in December.

You see ever since I first discovered ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy’ ,first as a film many many years ago and then when I laid my hands on the book, I had been waiting to turn 42 which would not come soon enough. If I appear to have lost my marbles, let me explain this excitement.

At the heart of the story of Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy, the best ever super duper computer ‘Deep Thought’ toiled away endlessly for 7.5 million years to work on The Answer to The ultimate question of life, Universe and everything.

The grand reveal was the most profound and briefest answer to date , 42!

Google it please if I’m not making sense and then dive into the book or the movie. You will not be disappointed.

So as human years go, there are the Terrible Twos, Sweet Sixteen, the Legal 18 and Adult 21 and then there is the Age of Enlightenment, 42.

Seriously number 42 may look an utterly ordinary number, no better than 43, but there is magic in there.

Trust me, I was swept away in its blinding stream of dazzling knowledge. I revelled and rebelled, a supernova collapsing into black hole but then I remembered the large and friendly letters on the hitchhiker’s guide cover…

‘Yes! I held on to my towel‘ in the face of an engaged Infinite Improbability Drive that powered the Heart of Gold.

It proved once again that improbable doesn’t mean impossible and ‘Harmless and Mostly Harmless’ can be harmful too. I truly understood your pain then Marvinthe Paranoid Robot.

Phew! I do babel on but I’ve been told it’s better than Vogon Poetry.

Yay !

That calls for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster or the next best thing- the masala tea,

Trust me that’s the drink right now,

To cheer the universe and me.

And the Award that I graciously accept.

Onwards to Year Three…

“So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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6 thoughts on “Turning Two and Forty Two

  1. First of all congrats! It’s all about survival -‘finding meaning ‘ in your life.
    Have already ordered the book; seeing your passion and enthusiasm for it.
    Keep blogging and may I add, at the risk of sounding cliche? Continue your quests-
    deep down the rabbit holes or up in the stars!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Breathing, feeling and writing! Excelling and achieving the milestone and setting an another one. Congratulations for both 2 and 42!
    I can relate to this one, when I can’t get on to my writings on time, I feel so much pressure and becomes apologetic for myself. I mostly write poetries in hindi and many a times encounter a writers block. Wish you many more blogaversaries. Love reading your blogs and wait for them. Keep writing. Best wishes!

    Liked by 1 person

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