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October Bytes#1 -The Wonder Wall

Behind the tree,

On the wall.

Neglected yet resplendent,

Lord Shiva in his divine form.

This was on the road I often passed,

Eyes locked on traffic, honking horn,

A flash of blue caught my eye,

A Pahadi nose ring,

And an enigmatic Mona Lisa smile.

“And all the roads we have to walk are winding

And all the lights that lead us there are blinding…

…And after all

You’re my wonderwall.”

– Oasis

PS This Weekly Window to my Wondrous World (fingers crossed for its successful run) came about as a result of a lively discussion with my Social Media Adept Teen who despaired at my inability to write anything that could be read under a minute. Plus she also mentioned how woefully erratic I was with my publishing schedule.

Anyway, are you tracking some Wonder Walls of your own too?

Do share your find in the comments. I look forward to it.

Till next week, namastey!

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7 thoughts on “October Bytes#1 -The Wonder Wall

    1. Maybe the universe is telling us something via the kids😊. Your photo of the ‘Girl with a pearl earring and goggles’ was an inspiration to keep my eyes open for unusual art on the walls. Really happy you liked it.


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