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October Bytes#3: Ravana Rush

Dussehra had always meant watching the towering effigies of the Asura king Ravana with impressive ten heads, Meghnad, his valiant son and Kumbhkaran, his fierce brother, installed in the huge open maidan appropriately called Parade Ground. Much of the conversation would centre around how it was a shade better than the year before; bigger definitely meant awesome. Later in the evening when the three were lit, what a spectacular sight it was.

As time went by, the city grew and the population exploded! Going to see Ravana was nothing short of going on an expedition deep into the Amazon, except this was an urban jungle of vehicles, pedestrians, traffic snarls, vendors, confusing parking lots and exits.

So I chickened and it was back to the local newspapers that updated me on how utterly fabulous the Ravana was that year. Soon the newspaper were covering not just one. I guess every locality worth its name went out of their way to put up an effigy- large, medium, small sometimes without Meghnad and Kumbhkaran.

I really can’t put my finger on when I decided to indulge in a Ravana Rush of my own (did one Ravana hopping in another sleepy town) but that’s how it has been every year on Dussehra.

Ravana Rush, a tradition that involves checking out as many Ravana as possible (hence the rush) before the traffic arrangements and road blocks get placed and yes, ooh and aah over it (that’s another rush).

So here goes the Dussehra special 2018!

Bigger is better and beautiful too!

Lens-Artists Challenge : Big can be beautiful too.


8 thoughts on “October Bytes#3: Ravana Rush

  1. Such cute looking Ravanas and his bros!  The artists has just added thick moustaches and eyebrows to give them evil shades. We might have been duped in our childhood days to take them as scary but in today’s ‘me too’ age they look innocuous and as you have written: Beautiful! 

    The vibrant clicks are well defined by the lively narration.

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