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Happiness is…

…counting the minutes to the midnight hour.

The 2018 Ferrero Rocher Sula, chocolate and wine, all entwined, painstakingly crafted by the apple of mine.

giggling, whispering, springing,SURPRISE”, 46 brats, Jack in the box style.

a Bucket Bag , a road map.

…and wishes that came on wings.

… and via phone calls that transversed the continents (here’s to my fearless world traveler, momo loving buddy), country and city.

roses are red, a fabulous surprise out of the blues (A, it was fantastic)

friendships forged, 26 years ago, still true!

an evening that’s lit- cracking conversations, laughter and fun, and a discovery I came with stock phrases, that made me kind of an interesting one.

a post that promised ‘nice nice Scooty rides to the nearby tailors and sabziwalas’.

(Thou shall be rewarded by cake many times over, my young knight!)

sunshine on my shoulders (on a lovely winter’s day, with family)

in the missed calls and texts, the expected show up but then so do the disconnected!

(Woah! Take a bow my friend, you never forgot)

…celebrating all things cool, December Dazzling, birthday rocks, it rules!

Lens Artist photo challenge : Celebrations

Happiness is…

Manic Monday’s Prompt : Rejoice

RPD Wednesday: Family

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