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To Rome, with love.

Not all those who wander are lost and sometimes getting lost is a blessing in disguise, for this is a tale of how I fell in love with Rome, one street at a time, all in a day. The signs was already there when Mami and I arrived at our B&B in Al Colonato. It… Continue reading To Rome, with love.

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Training lens on Napoli.

Everything I knew about Napoli/Naples could be summed up in three points- * Napoli Football Team * Neapolitan pizza * A seaside town I couldn't wait to check it on my way back from Pompeii. Only I didn't realise that at the end of a long day clambering among the ancient ruins, I would get… Continue reading Training lens on Napoli.

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Most Instagrammable Metro Stations of Stockholm

If I had to pick the most instagrammable spot in Stockholm, I would say, "Go underground." Yes! That's right. Skip the azure sky and descend into the bowels of the Earth. That's where the Tunnelbana, Stockholm Metro Stations are. Incidentally, it also happens to be the most effective way of travelling across the city. Anyway,… Continue reading Most Instagrammable Metro Stations of Stockholm