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Most Instagrammable Metro Stations of Stockholm

If I had to pick the most instagrammable spot in Stockholm, I would say, “Go underground.

Yes! That’s right.

Skip the azure sky and descend into the bowels of the Earth. That’s where the Tunnelbana, Stockholm Metro Stations are.

Incidentally, it also happens to be the most effective way of travelling across the city.

Anyway, imagine you are racing towards the platform when your eyes lock on colours popping and swirling in this black and white world.

Seriously, what is that?

Beanstalk from Jack’s story!

Pretty good picture, right?

Well, it wasn’t easy photographing.

Let me explain, why?

Picture a tiny wonderstruck traveller, that’s me!

In one hand she clutched her expensive travel card while the other hand protectively remained draped over a sling bag; it carried all her material wealth.

Since it was her first trip to the country of Nobel Winners and tennis legend Stefan Edberg, this intrepid traveller was determined to savour and document every moment there.

Is that a psychedelic smoke trail?

So if it meant stopping in her tracks to appreciate the subterranean art on the walls and on the roof, she would do it.

Ah! It’s like Warli Art from India.

It also became imperative that she fish her phone out of the bag without letting go of either the travel card or relaxing the protective shield over the sling bag. She wanted to snap good photos and all this had to be done while standing still in a sea of very tall and determinedly walking Swedes.

Yes! It took all of her ingenuity to appear like a tiny speed breaker in their path, aim and click without attracting any exasperated looks.

She had to remind herself to keep all her oohs and aahs in check and nonchalantly go up and down the escalators that moved really fast…

… and glowed in the dark .

Instagrammable, right?

Still I would like to make it clear that among the stations visited, not all were the spectacular kinds but the few that were, were like striking a pot of gold..

… at the end of a rainbow.

To wandering in unexpected places … skål!

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