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Colours of Venetian Isles.

The constant Corona news doesn’t let me forget Italy. I hold on to the memories of how I saw it last summer- breathtaking, bustling with life, impromptu street concerts, delicious food and wine to sign off each day.

I remember evenings in Venice, shadowy inky gondolas bobbing on the dark blue Adriatic Sea, under the indigo sky.

Across the Venetian Lagoon were Murano and Burano.

Our first stop was Murano in a noisy vaporetto on an extraordinarily clear day.

Murano was all sparkle and shine, transparent vivid hues that made me glassy eyed.

I was in the glass capital of the world!

The display cases blazed with spectacular sculptures and jewellery in a riot of colours but unfortunately all came with a caveat, ‘No Photography‘. We sat for a 3 Euros each, glassblowing session conducted by a silent glass blower and overseen by an extremely rude man. It wasn’t memorable and I suppose my photos reflect the disappointment. Hence none made the cut here.

Anyway, walking along the narrow canals and over the island’s many small bridges, popping into tiny shops, sipping a Bellini on a hot summer day was exactly what the doctor ordered. We were in high spirits.

The next island was Burano. I was told it was a lacemaker’s paradise, creams and white came to my mind.

I was in for a surprise!

Burano turned out to be a Wonderland and I was Alice. Every house and shop was drenched in splashes of brilliant colours.

As we walked deeper into the island, by the canals, exploring shops, alleys and backyards, neon greens clashed with sunny yellows, shades of pink, orange, red, rows of washing hung on the lines against bright purple walls, it was a feast for the eyes (the colours of course). Name it and it was out there.

Today I hear the colour palette has been reduced to a red (as in quarantined red zones). I am reminded of WW2 stories, every dystopian novel, zombie outbreak film I have read or seen. Not a pretty thought at all.

Anyway, it is the same all over the world and we are all in this together. I’m hopeful that we will be back to the full box of crayons soon.

Till then, sharing the joyous colours of the Venetian Isles!

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22 thoughts on “Colours of Venetian Isles.

    1. The colours Sue were incredible and exploring such a colourful island was a fantastic experience. It is definitely a wonderful addition to a bucket list. Maybe when all this chaos is over, there will be time still. ๐Ÿ˜Š


  1. It’s beautiful. I remember Jason Silva’s words when he said that through our architectural works, we tell God that we can also match his talent to some extent…the rest- we can only hope!

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  2. Aah Venice ๐Ÿ˜ what a wonderful time we had there. I was so glad you loved Burano as much as I did. I too am thinking of our trip to Italy a lot these days. But I truly believe, and hope, this too shall pass and we will soon be planning future trips.

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    1. One of the highlights and it wouldnโ€™t have been possible without your planning skills๐Ÿ˜Š. Hereโ€™s to holding on to beautiful memories and dreaming new dreams … cheers!


  3. I haven’t yet been to Venice or Murano and Burano, but they are high on my list. You make them sound very charming indeed and your photos are fabulous. I’d be happy to link this to my “On journey” on April 15, but I think it is better suited to Returning Home or photography. I’ll be happy to link this to both of my next posts on April 2 (Photography) and April 6 (On returning home). “On journey” is more about getting from one place to the other, the actual journey or travel to a place – what you see along the way, the discomforts or challenges, etc.

    Thanks, Sheetal, for another wonderful post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Iโ€™m honoured Cathy. Thank you for the high praise and including them in not one but two of your theme based posts. Was feeling particularly dreary and just like that, my spirits are up again . ๐Ÿ˜Š


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