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iPhone 11 And Its Log Story

If you combine a new iPhone 11 with an awful memory, you get hell on planet Earth. I have lived through one and this is my logging in story.

So it began a few years ago when I got my first iPhone 6. It was a dream come true. I had an Apple device and my data was secure. It was like Diwali everyday for me. Apple’s reputation for tackling security concerns was formidable.

Right away I adored everything about it. Except the iCloud. Yeah! The cloud that none could see which supposedly stored all my data. Anyway, stuff went into it because every now and then I’d get a message that I may have to buy extra space.

Time went by, I stopped updating it but it worked fine till the day its screen broke. While I mourned the loss of a phone that protected my data from all the evils of the world web, the family commiserated with my tragedy.

I had moved on to an android. Then the unexpected happened. I received an iPhone 11 as a birthday gift from my parents. I was ecstatic! My baby was bigger, sleeker and even more fine that before.

I hooked the wi fi, set up the language, put up a digital password, signed into the iCloud. Then I got stuck at the password. Each time the incorrect message would flash, I would feel my BP rise. Worst part, I hadn’t even come to the homepage of the phone. There was a choice to open a new iCloud account but I wasn’t ready to let go easily. I imagined all the stuff from my previous phone ready to be synced with this one.

It took me multiple attempts to get through. Then Apple decided that I wasn’t the Cinderella with the right glass slipper. After putting in the correct password , the phone sent a verifying code to my last iPhone. Remember its screen was cracked beyond repair. So next the code was sent to the trusted phone number which lay dormant inside the very same phone. Yes, I have a different number for my Phone A and Phone B and I let one fall into a coma after the screen cracked.

I howled in frustration. There was no way I was going to put a new screen on an old phone when I already had a fancier version. Instead, I ran to get the dormant phone sim operational. All went smoothly till I was told that it would take 24 hours for its SMS service to start. So no verification code will be flashing soon.

I was peeved. I checked every iPhone forum to come out of this quandary. By the way, now the phone11 wouldn’t even give me option to open a new iCloud account. So figured out I needed to add my android number as the other trusted number .

I managed to get that process in motion. I received a message that Apple would take close to two weeks to get back and verify my account. Meanwhile I could cancel the request if it wasn’t me. I was ready to flung everything into the bin but instead packed it in its box.

Two weeks later, I was ready for my recovery. The verification code went smoothly to the android number. I was keyed to shout hurray but it put forth another request. Type in the 4 digit code you used to open your previous device.

It took me good 15 minutes to steady myself and think deeply about those blasted digits. I couldn’t afford to make a mistake so close to the finishing line. I had to get this right.

I got it right!

The iPhone 11 homescreen opened like a magic portal. I eagerly browsed my gallery for the photos ; I found 16, ten of which were stock photos of Good Morning! That was it.

I had not backed other photos or any contacts or other app information.


The lessons I learnt:

  • Apple used all its skills to protect my interests, in this case those 16 pictures.
  • My data will be safe if only I remember to back it up.
  • There is no better way to protect the passwords than the old fashioned way. I have written them carefully in my diary which is inside a safe protected by a lock whose key I hang on a thread around my neck.

Meanwhile iPhone 11 beckons me with free Apple TV and music . Still pondering whether or not to take a plunge. My love for it is on the wane presently.


8 thoughts on “iPhone 11 And Its Log Story

  1. Seems like the Ancient One trying the digital gimmicks of Tony Stark…the Ancient One being u and Tony Stark being the iPhone …but beware of writing down passwords in a secret little diary which is kept so safety that even u can’t fine…so long…enjoy your Apple time😀

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    1. The Ancient One sends her many thanks for the brilliant insight into how safe is a secret diary in a safe . With my track record of poor memory, apparently not very . Sigh ! Hopefully that doesn’t happen else you will be reading all about it right here on this blog.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi! Can I borrow your parents? ??
    Lucky you!
    Interesting narration, your story comes with a lot of dos and don’ts for the applites.
    Happy calling, blogging, instagramming or whichever way you use it:)

    Liked by 2 people

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