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Masked Emotions.

Recently I was called to school to update some records. You could say I was eager as my pet Sheru, featured in the header, to get out of the house.

The school campus was deserted except for a few workers pottering about refusing to meet the eye. I suppose, after months of isolation and work from home, none of us remembered how to be social in person.

I entered the school lab to find the same thing repeating. My colleagues were diligently working at their work stations, far apart. Only the computer keys went clack – clack.

It was only then I realised that my heavy duty mask was to be blamed . Apparently with that on, I transformed from Bruce Wayne to Batman. No one recognised me!

Painting of a boy with sad eyes and mouth blurred  , painted by Aditya Vasan
Sad Eyes- Painted by the very talented Friend of Ms Teen, Aditya Vasan


Mercifully, my voice did the trick. It was packed with all the emotion I could muster of , ‘I’m happy to see you.’ Trust me, it was a joyous reunion with as much feelings our masked features and social distancing would allow.

It definitely made me long for the good old days when we hugged, took group selfies or just hung out without a care. We did nothing of that sort now.

Kumaoni ladies taking a selfie in pichora
Smile please, this is a Kumaon groupie!

Now I have begun looking forward to the vaccine (with or without the phrase 3 trials confirmation) or herd immunity that scientists talk of. I can’t wait to chuck my mask away for good.

Actually I have a more practical problem than cosmetic. You see, my spectacles fog with the mask and I cannot see a damn thing !


The blind masked look is not for me.

Any solution to this problem? Please share . You’d make me as happy as this lion on the sidewalk in Stockholm.

Happy lion sculpture from Stockholm’s sidewalk
‘Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy’.

Inspired by Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Emotions


13 thoughts on “Masked Emotions.

  1. Sadly, no help here for spectacle wearers, we are all suffering with the mask wearing and fogging up. I’ve bought a mask now that comes up to my eyes which helps a bit but I look like a gangster as it resembles a balaclava more than anything, and no one recognises me. But, if it keeps me alive I’ll put up with it!

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    1. Ok Mari, that balaclava/mask image is imprinted in my head. 😀
      The glasses fogging appears to be a common enough problem. I hope some inventor is listening . Anyway , chanting your words, “As long as it keeps me alive, I’ll put up with it.”

      Thank you once again for responding. It’s always awesome connecting with you, Mari.


  2. A fun post Sheetal – how nice that you were able to visit with others at work even if just for a little bit! My doctor gave me the best advice on the foggy glasses. Each mask needs a little fold at the center top. If you tuck that piece under the center part of your glasses frame (where the 2 lenses join) the fogging will stop. It works!!

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  3. Hi, Sheetal. My only solution is to go without glasses.😩. I’ve tried many other solutions, even soapy water on the lenses, but nothing works except when I wear the “heavy duty” KN95 masks. The metal clip on the bridge of the nose can help. Your “groupie” image is wonderful, as well as the portrait of the little boy. I’m glad you joined us this week, Sheetal.😀

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    1. Thank you Patti for your suggestions. I am often wiping my glasses that they best be off. I need to get my hands on that metal clip or keep experimenting till I get results.
      As for the images, appreciate your kind words . It was a tough challenge to pull out pictures that captured emotions considering now masks rule out all expressions.

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    1. Thank you Ann- Christine . I loved the groupie click too . The ladies were so exuberant and looked so fine in their identical Kumaoni outfits, that I couldn’t resist sneaking a candid shot.

      As for the glasses solution, it works in fits and starts for my glasses have a knack of sliding to the very edge of my nose . Anyway, experiments to be continued.


  4. Tee hee, we have the same problem when wearing a mask. Pretty hard to identity with the mask and foggy eyes. Love the painting of sad eyes. Eyes do give away our emotions.

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    1. Happy to know the mask and glasses combination is a widespread problem. Misery loves company. ☺️

      As for eyes , it’s rightly said about them being windows to the soul. Happy you loved ‘Sad Eyes’. It is a gorgeous painting, painted by a very talented teenager. It was my favourite too.

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