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Doors Of Ayodhya, India.

I'm presently in Ayodhya, the city famous for temples and a particular one under construction. Judging by the massive crowds of pilgrims I see, I'd say it is growing as a major religious destination. Doorway to salvation, perhaps. Going beyond the obvious temples, Ayodhya is a treasure trove of interesting architecture, particularly doors. After all,… Continue reading Doors Of Ayodhya, India.

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Thoughts On Confessions By Kanae Minato

Till this morning, I had neither heard of the Japanese movie Confessions nor the novel on which it was based. As usual, I came to know of the movie first. Described as a clever, twisted, revenge drama, I was curious. I could find only a poor print on YouTube but the book was easily available.… Continue reading Thoughts On Confessions By Kanae Minato

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K-Drama Recommendations For The Newbies

My descent into the Korean Drama world happened rather swiftly. One moment I was watching Instagram reels. In between the travel and dance tik-toks, K-drama reels took over. The next thing I know, they were like a sugar rush to my brain. I am addicted. Next I went on Netflix and found a buffet of… Continue reading K-Drama Recommendations For The Newbies