There is more to me but trying to figure out ‘a timeless about page’ that is not a long-winded monologue, is critical and time consuming .

I second this quote by Alain de Bottom , “Dear reader, do bear in mind that the first sentence, over in a second, took 4 hours of procrastination & self-hatred to get down.”

So here goes my efforts.

I am in the teaching profession by day (but work nights too when the going gets tough). I dine on books and comics (occasional magazines too), a travel junkie who gets car sick (but is unstoppable when out of it). I am thankful to have experienced life before Facebook and Google and now, after (best of both the worlds) .

I carry my trusty Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy and Beyond, with me and I raise a toast to thinking aloud on life, universe and every thing. That’s what I will be doing here. Enjoy the ride!

22 thoughts on “About

  1. I discovered this blog in April, and I am truly happy that I did, for
    1.I found you after almost five years
    2.I was happy, you did not change one bit
    3.This was the major motivating force which inspired me to start my blog
    So let us raise a toast on thinking aloud!

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