There is more to me of course but trying to figure out ‘a timeless about page’ that is not a long-winded monologue, is critical and time consuming .

I second this quote by Alain de Bottom , “Dear reader, do bear in mind that the first sentence, over in a second, took 4 hours of procrastination &self-hatred to get down.”

So here goes my efforts.

I am in the teaching profession by day ( but work nights too when the going gets tough ), fed on a diet of books and comics (occasional magazines too), a travel junkie who gets car sick ( but is unstoppable when out of it) and am thankful to have experienced life before Facebook and Google and after (best of both the worlds ) .

I carry my trusty Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy and Beyond with me and I raise a toast to thinking aloud on life , universe and every thing. That’s what I will be doing here. Enjoy the ride !

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