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Turning Two and Forty Two

My blog turned two early this year and I missed the notification completely, my head was in the clouds. My strategy, from telling myself that I'd publish every fortnight to publishing multiple times a month (wasn't going to argue with the muses whenever they decided to make their presence felt), I finally settled for at… Continue reading Turning Two and Forty Two

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Clearing a queen size smog

Winter has set yet the air is hot and dirty. Delhi was in the news for its smog conditions; the media, the memes, the wats app forwards had so much material to tap and I living 300 kilometres away developed a nagging cough. I'm unsure whether to blame the changing season or the quality of… Continue reading Clearing a queen size smog

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Happy No 1 and now let’s count detectives.

Today I celebrate my first blogging anniversary - 366 days ago I unleashed my thoughts via this blog into the world, without a clue how long would I last. Well, I survived and I thrived. Hence this very special post to commemorate this amazing milestone. Thank you WordPress. You also dispatched this cool achievement badge… Continue reading Happy No 1 and now let’s count detectives.

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A bookworm’s guide to excellent reading…or not.

I've always been the curious one. I blame the books for sweeping me away into the magical world of pixies and wishing chair , solving puzzles and crimes alongside the daring Hardy Boys and the intrepid Nancy Drew . Long before Google and cable television came on scene, books were my magic portals that lead… Continue reading A bookworm’s guide to excellent reading…or not.