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Et tu, Baahubali 2 fan? Via giphy So I went and saw the best grossing film of all time, the mega blockbuster that inspired a million memes and WhatsApp humour. It made warrior kings and proud queens, spectacular sword fights, charging horses, battle strategies and ingenious aerial diving without the Angry Birds really cool again. Forgive me if I… Continue reading Et tu, Baahubali 2 fan?

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Who I am and why I’m hereĀ 

Who I am ? Hmmm ...lets see ; from the house of Bravon, mother to dragons , breaker of logjams , I'm the queen of Wishful thinking . I finally nailed an  awesome introduction(thank you Game of Thrones ). In case you are wondering what brought about this existential crisis,well  this is my Day 1… Continue reading Who I am and why I’m hereĀ