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Robber’s Cave Transformed!

Robber's Cave, locals call it 'Guchhupani', totally lived up to the drama its name conjured up. The old timers spun tales of deep underground caverns and tunnels that crisscrossed the city, many were used by the robbers of yore as shortcuts, escape routes and hideaways to stash away their loot. Folks still insist that much… Continue reading Robber’s Cave Transformed!

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Treasure hunt in Jagatgram.

Jagat= world, Gram=village.  All the Indiana Jones and Lara Crofts were in a tizzy. From Kalsi, home to the Ashokan edict, we were driving to the site of the Ashwamedha Yagya, that’s an ancient practice of horse sacrifice conducted by a king who wished to flex his muscles without declaring a war on his neighbors. Nobody… Continue reading Treasure hunt in Jagatgram.

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To trek or not to trek ? That’s a ‘wild’ question.

      My adventurous weekend began with the movie 'Wild',starring Reese Witherspoon that I watched in two instalments. No particular reason except real life chores intrude quickly at home, irrespective of however much one is immersed in the trials and tribulations of the protagonist on screen .      The story was quite straight… Continue reading To trek or not to trek ? That’s a ‘wild’ question.