K-Drama Recommendations For The Newbies

My descent into the Korean Drama world happened rather swiftly. One moment I was watching Instagram reels. In between the travel and dance tik-toks, K-drama reels took over. The next thing I know, they were like a sugar rush to my brain. I am addicted. Next I went on Netflix and found a buffet of… Continue reading K-Drama Recommendations For The Newbies

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My Top 5 TV Series With A Dash Of Spookiness.

Yesterday was the winter solstice, the longest night. Today, I hope my evening becomes shorter and my cursory stroll becomes longer. The race to sit indoors with my electronic devices is tempting. My phone, laptop, telly keep me sane or possibly in a trance. In this twelfth month, I count bingewatching every TV series ever… Continue reading My Top 5 TV Series With A Dash Of Spookiness.