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Fifth Blogversary and Five Books Everyone Loved But Me

It is my Blog's Fifth Birthday. WordPress sent me a '5 year anniversary achievement badge' today and asked me to keep up the 'good blogging'. Yay! I'm blowing the trumpet and cutting a cake. So what do I know and what have I learnt about blogging in these five years? Hmm... I love to write.… Continue reading Fifth Blogversary and Five Books Everyone Loved But Me

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Dinner In Trastevere, Rome

"We have to visit Trastevere to experience the real Italian vibe", Mami declared emphatically. Trastevere, in Rome? It rang a bell. I had devoured Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Eat, Love and Pray. Actually, only the Italian 'eat' section as a part of my Roman research. Trastevere was mentioned in it. Well, I was definitely going even… Continue reading Dinner In Trastevere, Rome

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Blogversary Three in January!

January heralds my blog's third birthday. Hurray! As usual I mixed the dates of registration but WordPress didn't forget and promptly sent a congratulatory message. I was caught by surprise. The event demanded a magnificent post worthy of Blogversary Three in a timely manner. Easier said than done. Sigh! You see, one thing I've learnt… Continue reading Blogversary Three in January!