All in a day’s work.

"I'm done . Get me out of here." Was the scream loud? The mouth remained curved, in a hint of a smile maybe. Cool exterior. Breathe . The eyes glanced furtively at the wall clock across the room, the seconds ticked furiously away. The glass top scarcely visible, piles of papers tucked under diary, pen… Continue reading All in a day’s work.


Look up !

Looking up is something I don't often do , especially when I go for an evening walk .In the interest of personal safety, one has to be alert with regards to vehicular traffic as well as other walking enthusiasts who resist slacking their pace for anyone. Plus whipping out your phone while supposedly on a… Continue reading Look up !


Five things I’ve learned from a birdwatching walk.

It all began with a message post. 'Soak in the historical atmosphere in the crisp morning air. The walk will begin at 6 am which will take you through the lush groves and magnificent buildings sporting the colonial architecture'. I was hooked. I reached the meeting point huffing and puffing and after the hellos was… Continue reading Five things I’ve learned from a birdwatching walk.

Inspiration · Travel

To trek or not to trek ? That’s a ‘wild’ question.

      My adventurous weekend began with the movie 'Wild',starring Reese Witherspoon that I watched in two instalments. No particular reason except real life chores intrude quickly at home, irrespective of however much one is immersed in the trials and tribulations of the protagonist on screen .      The story was quite straight… Continue reading To trek or not to trek ? That’s a ‘wild’ question.