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Skills I May Need Tomorrow-Hairdressing

If you are ever stuck at home with an exacting teenager whose idea of beauty is perfectly coiffed hair, you are in trouble . It begins innocently enough. "Don't these honey - blonde high lights against dark hair looks fine mummy? We can do it at home. One box is enough and it's easy too.… Continue reading Skills I May Need Tomorrow-Hairdressing

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Throwback To 2020.

January 2021 and time for the annual, "Where in the world did the last year go by?" 2020 was to be my 'Year of Travel'. I was in Aurangabad in Maharashtra, exactly at this time last year. I had explored the Ajanta caves but it was Cave 16 , also know as Kailash Temple at… Continue reading Throwback To 2020.

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Unlocking The Secrets of These Everyday Objects

I had spied the lock at a Handicraft Fair. It was solid, heavy and had gorgeous pattern in silver all over. Best of all, it had three keys strung on a thread alongside. Lock & Keys! "Three? Perfect for our family. Everyone gets a key." "Actually, you need all three keys to open that one… Continue reading Unlocking The Secrets of These Everyday Objects

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Dinner In Trastevere, Rome

"We have to visit Trastevere to experience the real Italian vibe" , Mami declared emphatically. Trastevere, in Rome? It rang a bell. I had devoured the Italian section of Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Eat, Love and Pray as part of my Roman research. She definitely ate in that neighbourhood. Well, I was definitely going even if… Continue reading Dinner In Trastevere, Rome