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Twinkle, twinkle, infinite stars…

Long time ago in a galaxy far away, Milky Way to be precise, lived a little girl who wanted to be a Jedi, like Luke Skywalker. She thought it was even better than being Superman. One could zoom across planets and galaxies in space ships with friends, meet odd-exotic creatures that populated those worlds. She… Continue reading Twinkle, twinkle, infinite stars…

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Turning Two and Forty Two

My blog turned two early this year and I missed the notification completely, my head was in the clouds. My strategy, from telling myself that I'd publish every fortnight to publishing multiple times a month (wasn't going to argue with the muses whenever they decided to make their presence felt), I finally settled for at… Continue reading Turning Two and Forty Two

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The strange case of General Procrastinator and Major Perfectionist.

Precious Me was a perfectly ordinary person leading a perfectly normal life. Her days were mostly spent in a fixed routine, divided (not very well) between family, work and sleep. You see, Precious Me was always on the edge thanks to her Ms Perfectionist and Ms Procrastinator persona at loggerheads. Things were under control for… Continue reading The strange case of General Procrastinator and Major Perfectionist.

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Happy No 1 and now let’s count detectives.

Today I celebrate my first blogging anniversary - 366 days ago I unleashed my thoughts via this blog into the world, without a clue how long would I last. Well, I survived and I thrived. Hence this very special post to commemorate this amazing milestone. Thank you WordPress. You also dispatched this cool achievement badge… Continue reading Happy No 1 and now let’s count detectives.