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Virtually yours, JARVIS.

Jarvis is here, in the real world, in the house of one Mark Zuckerberg! For the uninitiated, JARVIS or Just A Rather Very Intelligent System is a voice activated kickass virtual assistant designed by Tony Stark aka Iron Man from the Marvel universe (Yes! A comic book, now a Hollywood money spinner is the inspiration,… Continue reading Virtually yours, JARVIS.

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A Shangri-la called Mindrolling Monastery

The story begins not so long ago when the Ancient One gave her word to the gangly knight. "If you can battle the horde of blue dragons and pass through the valley of poisonous fumes and make it to my lair, the path to Shangri-La, The Mindrolling Monastery with its magnificent treasures will be revealed… Continue reading A Shangri-la called Mindrolling Monastery