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My Korean Adventure Pre-checks

Next week, I will be off on my grand Korean adventure. Honestly, for once, I really don’t know what I’m feeling. My mind races with a list of a million things to do, before I leave. Perhaps they are just the same few things running in an endless loop. On the very top is my… Continue reading My Korean Adventure Pre-checks

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Back To School, Hybrid Classes Rule!

December so far has been an eventful month. After much dithering, our primary section reopened for offline classes. Goodbye ‘work from home’ and ‘hello school campus’. School Ahoy! The parents whooped and cheered but when it was time, many decided not to send their children. “Omicron is spreading and no vaccination as yet for the… Continue reading Back To School, Hybrid Classes Rule!

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Living In Interesting Times

It finally happened, India is under a complete lockdown for 21 days. Today happens to be Day 5 and unlike the voluntary Janta Curfew of last Sunday, this is the compulsory kinds. Stay at home! China, Italy, Spain, England, the US, practically every country around the globe is doing it or on its way. So,… Continue reading Living In Interesting Times

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The Case Of The Vanishing Voice

Come winter and like clockwork my health flip flops in spite of every precaution I take. This time it was just a scratchy throat. I thought it would become alright; I had much faith in my legions of white blood cells. The next day my voice had transformed into a deep throaty whisper reminiscent of… Continue reading The Case Of The Vanishing Voice

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Blogversary Three in January!

January heralds my blog's third birthday. Hurray! As usual I mixed the dates of registration but WordPress didn't forget and promptly sent a congratulatory message. I was caught by surprise. The event demanded a magnificent post worthy of Blogversary Three in a timely manner. Easier said than done. Sigh! You see, one thing I've learnt… Continue reading Blogversary Three in January!

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Anticipation and Preparation: To be or not to be, a helicopter parent!

Last night neither my firebrand teen nor I could sleep. She was hyper excited, the biggest Inter School Competition was here and she had to be in school at 6 am to catch the bus. I was hyper anxious not to oversleep for she had to be in school by 6 am to catch the… Continue reading Anticipation and Preparation: To be or not to be, a helicopter parent!