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Colours of Venetian Isles.

The constant Corona news doesn't let me forget Italy. I hold on to the memories of how I saw it last summer- breathtaking, bustling with life, impromptu street concerts, delicious food and wine to sign off each day. I remember evenings in Venice, shadowy inky gondolas bobbing on the dark blue Adriatic Sea, under the… Continue reading Colours of Venetian Isles.


Five things I’ve learned from a birdwatching walk.

It all began with a message post. 'Soak in the historical atmosphere in the crisp morning air. The walk will begin at 6 am which will take you through the lush groves and magnificent buildings sporting the colonial architecture'. I was hooked. I reached the meeting point huffing and puffing and after the hellos was… Continue reading Five things I’ve learned from a birdwatching walk.