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October Bytes #2 : Sticky Music!

Let's talk about ear worms, pieces of tune that wriggle into your mind and stick there. This sticky music, extremely pleasing to the ear so yeah, raises your spirits and may drive you a bit batty as well. My current playlist has these two amazing desi songs playing on a loop. I'd say a perfect… Continue reading October Bytes #2 : Sticky Music!

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Food Drama – Alien Eyeballs anyone?

Sunday evening, I sat haunched over my phone, multiple pages open- 20 must see places to visit in Delhi, 10 places accessible by Metro, Broadway shows in Kingdom of Dreams, HoHo Bus 1 Day tour, Akshardham timings, I was in the flow. Then it hit me; almost all my must see places were closed on… Continue reading Food Drama – Alien Eyeballs anyone?