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Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) The K- Wave

K for Korea. Hence K- Pop, K- Drama, K- movies and they have taken over my social media completely. Memes, video snippets, gif, gossip, breaking news. Honestly, I’m at sea. I have seen only one Korean film, Train to Busan, that too long ago. I had loved it. It had drama, high octane action, a… Continue reading Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) The K- Wave

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October fiestas and spooky discourse.

The festive month of October is over. We prayed and worshipped, fasted and feasted, exulted when the demons burnt and basked in the presence of family and friends. We glowed with desires and wishful thinking on karwachauth, the desi Valentines Day for the truly madly deeply in love and then in a blink of an eye,… Continue reading October fiestas and spooky discourse.